Building a Multimillion-Dollar Business: Steve Rozenberg’s Mindset and Leadership Secrets

This week on the Legacy Podcast Paul interviews Steve Rozenberg. Steve is a seasoned entrepreneur, pilot, and real estate veteran. His fascinating tale of resilience begins on the tragic day of 9/11. Following a furlough from his dream job as a pilot, Steve was left grappling with his reality. Rather than cower, he seized the moment to reinvent himself.

He delved into the world of real estate, despite the industry’s challenging nature. Through trial and error, Steve learned valuable lessons about business ownership, the importance of data-driven decisions, and the pitfalls of emotional investment. In this period, he discovered the power of an entrepreneurial mindset and the significance of leadership in business success.


Topics covered in this Episode:

  • The significance of leadership acumen and mindset dynamics in entrepreneurship.
  • How sincerity impacts leadership operations and personnel selection.
  • Uncover the power of strategies and procedures in developing profitable ventures.
  • The importance of creating memories


About Steve: 

Steve Rozenberg is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, life coach, and bestselling author with an international reputation. As a former real estate investor and commercial airline pilot, Steve leveraged his diverse background to create a successful career in speaking and coaching. Today, he is renowned for his powerful business and organizational strategies, which have been embraced by audiences across the world. With his engaging and inspirational approach, Steve is empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their fullest potential and reach new heights of success.


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Timestamped summary of this episode:

00:00:03 – Introduction,
Paul introduces the podcast and welcomes Steven Rosenberg, who shares his origin story.

00:00:34 – Transitioning from Pilot to Real Estate,
Steven explains how he transitioned from being an international airline pilot to getting involved in real estate after being furloughed on 9/11.

00:03:15 – Learning and Growing in Real Estate,
Steven shares how he learned about real estate through reading books and gaining hands-on experience. He also discusses the challenges and valuable lessons he and his business partner, Pete Newbig, faced along the way.

00:06:21 – Scaling a Business and Selling it,
Steven talks about how they scaled their property management company to over 1,000 properties and eventually sold it for millions of dollars. He emphasizes the importance of leveraging systems and people to build a successful business.

00:09:14 – Becoming a Business Owner,
Steven highlights the mindset shift they made from being property managers to being business owners. He explains the importance of treating the company as a separate entity and creating buy-in from the team. He also emphasizes the role of data and numbers in making business decisions.

00:13:57 – Becoming a $20 Million CEO,
To build a $20 million business, you must first become a $20 million CEO. Acting, talking, and thinking like a successful CEO is crucial for attracting followers and achieving success. Focus on personal growth and transformation to become the leader your business needs.

00:15:19 – The Difference Between Leadership and Management,
Leadership is about inspiring others and creating a vision that people believe in. Managers focus on task-oriented activities and enforcing rules. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to understand the difference and develop both leadership and management skills to effectively guide your team.

00:17:29 – Successful Habits for Entrepreneurship,
Being authentic and true to yourself is essential for effective leadership. Learning to say no and making intentional choices based on your vision and goals is more powerful than saying yes to everything. Start with the end goal in mind to build a saleable asset and create lasting memories.

00:19:01 – The Importance of Having a Sale Date,
Having a sale date for your business doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sell it. It’s about creating a goal and working towards building a business that can run independently. Without a clear destination, you’ll find yourself aimlessly driving without a plan.

00:22:57 – Transitioning from Owner to Legacy,
As a business owner, it’s important to detach your identity from the business. Focus on the bigger picture and the legacy you want to leave behind. Building a business that can be

00:26:11 – Building Business Systems vs. Being People-Centric
Steve emphasizes the importance of building business systems rather than focusing on individual people. He explains that successful businesses like car dealerships and airlines are system-centric, allowing them to operate smoothly even if individuals leave or are absent. By being 80% systems-centric and 20% people-centric, entrepreneurs can scale their businesses and create a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

00:27:24 – Lessons Learned from Partnership Struggles
Steve shares a personal experience from his business partnership with Pete. They had different perspectives, with Steve being people-centric and Pete being system-centric. They had to check their egos and prioritize the success of the business. Despite their disagreements, they learned to understand each other better and make decisions based on what was best for the business.

00:29:38 – Cherishing Memories and Creating Meaningful Experiences
Steve opens up about the recent loss of his son and the importance of cherishing memories. He realizes that the pictures displayed at his son’s funeral were not about wealth or professional success, but about the moments they shared as a family. Steve urges entrepreneurs to prioritize creating memories with their loved ones, as these memories are priceless and can never be replaced.

00:32:06 – The Impact of Creating Memories
Steve emphasizes the impact of creating memories, especially in the context of his son’s passing. He encourages entrepreneurs to move beyond being constantly busy and make intentional time for their families. These memories are the true essence of a better life and

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