Jeff Sampson – Everscore

This week we interview #65: Jeff Sampson of Everscore, Inc. Throughout the conversation we talk about football, mentors, making good decisions, and ultimately understanding your relationship with risk.

About Jeff Sampson:

My first real job was a delivery driver for a CPG company servicing indigenous workers and communities in Arizona. After graduating with my finance degree, I worked on Wall Street doing financings for private equity funds buying and building companies in the CPG and retail industries. I had phenomenal mentors and eventually moved over to private equity managing a small fund focused on early-stage technology. This experience led me to Microsoft where I was one of the first product managers to build and manage what is now Microsoft Dynamics. Since then, I’ve founded three startups where I’ve been able to bring my experiences together across CPG, retail, and technology to build multi-sided marketplaces, AdTech, and experiential rewards companies. My career has come full circle with my latest company, Everscore which is a cannabis marketplace for innovative brands that includes a joint venture with indigenous farmers.


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