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Meet The Hosts of Legacy Podcast:

Paul Dio

Kirk Chisholm

Chris Wilmerding


Paul Dio

Paul is an advisor to business owners who need a fresh perspective on strategic thinking, leadership, and change management. Paul’s team of advisors work to provide risk management analysis not from just a numbers perspective but also from a business and life perspective.

As an avid reader and continual learner, Paul’s unique skill of listening for what is not being said and asking the question that hasn’t been asked has helped propel his clients to more clarity in their life in addition to providing financial oversight and guidance for his clients.

Addicted to improvement not only in his professional craft but in all areas of his life you might find him working on his mountain biking skills, his approach to parenting, fitness, and mindfulness. Paul’s constant need for improvement is fueled by the ability to develop leadership for his family, his clients, and those he cares for.


Kirk chisholm

Kirk is an experienced advisor to hundreds of business owners, the host of the popular podcast, Money Tree Investing, and also an owner of multiple businesses.

Kirk has been actively podcasting since 2014. He combines his ability to ask thoughtful questions with his has a unique perspective on business and finance and his 20+ years of experience. He is an outside-the-box thinker who provides a different perspective on many commonly held beliefs and is not afraid to overturn Wall Street's sacred cows. He likes to help people follow their passions.


Chris Wilmerding

Chris Wilmerding, President of Thayer Partners, has helped hundreds of successful business owners build their legacy.

He is an experienced advisor who guides leaders through succession and exit planning (and actually makes it fun). He has worked on billion-dollar cross-border and international deals, helped turn around a company with negative gross margins to a net profit in 18 months, co-founded a private equity firm in Boston, grown his advisory practice assets almost 10 X in less than 10 years, and has provided oversight and guidance to 100s of business owners like you. Everything you want from an expert when it comes to discussing your legacy.

Chris Wilmerding hosts the popular podcast Legacy: What do you want to be known for? He's a GREAT interviewer - quickly digging deep on why you do what you do.

Our daily 15 to 20 minute podcast shares amazing founder stories who reveal the purpose behind what they do and the legacy they want to build TODAY.

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