Driving Success with Failure: How Empowering Your Team Fuels Growth with Joe Altieri

In this episode of Legacy podcast Paul speaks with Joe Altieri, the CEO of Flexscreen.  Joe shares his insights on empowering teams and embracing failure in this episode. Altieri’s personal experiences have shaped his belief in the power of allowing team members to make mistakes and learn from them. Through his inspiring anecdotes, he highlights the positive impact it can have on team growth and innovation. By embracing failure and taking risks, Altieri has been able to transform Flexscreen into what it is today.

If you’re a team leader or manager looking to empower your team and foster a culture of innovation, this episode is a must-listen. Altieri’s insights and experiences will inspire you to embrace failure as a stepping stone to success and create an environment where your team members can learn and grow. Tune in to the Business Legacy Podcast to discover how empowering your team to make mistakes can lead to enhanced team growth and innovation.



Topics covered in this Episode:

  • Gain insight into the intricacies of marketing and customer education faced by FlexScreen in its early days.
  • Appreciate the role of social media marketing and viral content in catapulting FlexScreen to success.
  • Unearth Joe Altieri’s exciting evolution as an entrepreneur and inventor, creating groundbreaking marketing paths.
  • Acknowledge the role of exposure from Shark Tank in helping FlexScreen skyrocket their growth.


About Joe: 

Joe Altieri is the CEO and Inventor of FlexScreen, as seen on Shark Tank, the world’s first and only flexible window screen. Joe started his career as an independent sales representative in the window industry and quickly became frustrated with the flimsy aluminum frames found in traditional screens. Today, FlexScreen is a leading screen manufacturer, on track to hit $30 million in revenue this year. Joe has been recognized as an Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, a Pittsburgh Smart50 Honoree, and one of Pittsburgh’s Volunteers of the Year. FlexScreen has gained international attention and earned multiple awards, drawing interest and eventual partnerships with powerhouse entities, including Global 500 company Saint Gobain and American television personality, inventor, and entrepreneur, Lori Greiner (Shark Tank investor and “Queen of QVC).


Connect with Steve here:
Website: https://flexscreenretail.com/
Website: https://joealtieri.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaltieri/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joealtieri/


Connect with Paul here:
Website: https://innovativewealth.com/
Instagram: https://businesslegacypodcast.com/


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Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:02 – Introduction,
Paul welcomes Joe Altieri, the first guest featured on Shark Tank, to the Business Legacy Podcast.

00:00:17 – Joe’s Background,
Joe shares his background in the window and door industry and how he became interested in inventing a new type of window screen.

00:02:23 – The Invention Process,
Joe explains how he came up with the idea for FlexScreen and the challenges he faced in developing and manufacturing the product.

00:07:10 – Marketing and Social Media,
Joe discusses how his company used social media marketing, including viral videos, to educate consumers about FlexScreen and generate demand for the product.

00:11:53 – Best Worst Day,
Joe shares the story of a potential business deal that ultimately fell through but led to a shift in their business model, which has resulted in significant growth.

00:16:47 – Memorable Experiments,
Joe discusses a memorable experiment where a young employee made a costly mistake but instead of resigning, Joe encouraged him to learn from it, showing the importance of growth and investment in the team.

00:18:01 – Embracing Failure,
Joe shares a personal failure in launching a supplemental product that cost the company $100,000. He emphasizes the importance of taking risks and learning from failures to drive growth and innovation.

00:19:10 – Inspiration and Confidence,
Joe attributes his ability to embrace mistakes and take risks to his grandfather, who instilled a mindset of trying new things. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family also built his confidence in bouncing back from failures.

00:20:48 – Legacy and Family,
Joe hopes to be remembered as someone who positively influenced future generations of entrepreneurs through his business. He values the opportunities he has given his children and envisions them carrying on the company’s DNA.

00:23:19 – Finding More Information,
Joe shares that his personal story and insights can be found on his website, Joealtieri.com, while more information about Flexscreen can be found on Flexscreen.com.

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