From High School Dropout to Oxford: Dr. Pradeep Kumar Sacitharan’s Journey To Entrepreneurial Success

Born into a world of chaos and uncertainty, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Sacitharan’s journey is one of defiance and determination. Pradeep’s life was full of unexpected twists and turns, from fleeing war-torn Sri Lanka to battling poverty in a rough London neighborhood. But through it all, he found solace in weightlifting, a discipline that gave him the resilience and tenacity to overcome every obstacle. Despite dropping out of school, Pradeep’s unwavering spirit led him to prestigious academic institutions like Oxford and Harvard, where he honed his skills and mindset. Today, as a successful entrepreneur, Pradeep’s story serves as a powerful reminder that even the most challenging circumstances can be overcome with grit and determination. 


This week on the Legacy podcast Paul sits down with Dr. Pradeep Kumar Sacitharan truly fascinating entrepreneur. His unique journey from his childhood in a tough London neighborhood to studying at prestigious institutions like Oxford and Harvard demonstrates his incredible drive and resilience. With a background in drug discovery and biotech, Dr. Pradeep has also ventured into the world of e-commerce, exploring new opportunities and overcoming challenges. His ability to pivot and adapt throughout his life serves as a powerful example for aspiring entrepreneurs and dreamers alike.


Topics covered in this Episode:


  • Unveil the key factors that contribute to success in entrepreneurship and maintaining steadfast motivation.
  • Harness the significance of self-confidence and ego to push your business venture beyond its limits.
  • Master the balance of taking risks to expedite your company’s growth and achieve your ultimate objectives.
  • Explore the importance of cultivating talent and chasing your passion for unparalleled success and satisfaction.
  • Look towards the future and construct a meaningful legacy by planning ahead and thinking strategically



Dr. Pradeep Kumar Sacitharan;
I have an extraordinary life story that I want to share with your audience. I went from a war refugee, teenage gangster; high school dropout to award winning scientist at Oxford and Harvard in 7 years. I went on to discover drugs as a professor and become Vice President of a Biotech with a revenue of 1.6 billion USD. Then I challenged the system, quit my career, and founded my own 8-figure company. I can talk on many topics including social issues, health, science, love, education, business, success, and mindset and do it with stories and humour. I would love to be on your podcast.


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Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 – Introduction,
Paul Dio introduces the Business Legacy Podcast and welcomes Dr. Pradeep Kumar, CEO and founder of Donsfield, as the guest in this episode.

00:01:11 – Dr. Kumar’s Background,
Growing up in a rough social housing project in Chalk Hill, being the only Asian kid on the block, and getting involved in weightlifting gave him discipline and kept him from trouble. He talks about dropping out of schools and getting into sales before returning to education and achieving academic success.

00:04:15 – Business Development,
Dr. Kumar talks about his experience in business development in science, acquiring companies in the biotech space, and scaling a business. He shares his passion for going out and talking to people from different backgrounds, and helping young people in their careers.

00:06:11 – E-commerce,
He shared his experience during the pandemic while in lockdown in China and started selling as a side hustle. He talks about launching his own business in e-commerce and acquiring his own brands and how he scaled the business to an eight-figure company.

00:08:49 – Checking Your Ego,
The importance of the ego, how it drives you, and how you can keep it in check by separating it from your identity. He shares his belief that you need a dreamy state, practical executional goals, and a mindset to succeed in life.

00:14:15 – Squeezing Your Genetic Potential,
Dr. Pradeep talks about maximizing your genetic potential and talents to the fullest. He emphasizes the importance of identifying strengths and weaknesses to pivot towards opportunities that align with your passions and goals.

00:16:23 – Business Advice,
He shares his best business advice, including the importance of having self-confidence and a big vision to inspire your company’s growth. He also stresses the significance of taking risks quickly and paying for passionate, talented individuals while not forgetting the operational basics.

00:19:52 – Thinking About AI Technology,
He advises entrepreneurs to focus on what’s in their control and strategically plan their next move to win. He suggests not worrying about external forces like the Ukraine war but instead concentrating on leveraging strengths and utilizing AI technology effectively.

00:21:04 – Vision for the Future,
Dr. Pradeep’s vision for the next 5-10 years is to grow his ecommerce company into a billion-dollar enterprise and acquire verticals across various industries. He aims to go back to Biotech and look for raw materials in outer space to gain a scientific and technological advantage.

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