Creating Jobs and Business Growth with Pete Neubig

Pete Neubig had big dreams for his property management business, but the cost of hiring in the US threatened to hold him back. Frustrated and stuck, he stumbled upon an unexpected solution that would change the trajectory of his company forever. With a shift to finding phenomenal talent while creating jobs for communities, Pete discovered newfound success that allowed him to focus on building relationships and growing his business. But the story doesn’t end there. What other twists and turns await entrepreneurs willing to think outside the box? Find out how to optimize your staffing needs and take your business to the next level with the power of remote work.


Meet Pete Neubig, an accomplished entrepreneur and passionate real estate investor. Having co-founded Empire Industries Realty, Pete’s career has been focused on helping small businesses grow and thrive. Now, as the CEO of VPM Solutions, Pete pairs real estate industry professionals with virtual team members to achieve even greater success. As a licensed broker in Texas and a property management expert, Pete has become a go-to resource for entrepreneurs seeking to optimize their hiring and management processes. Outside of his professional life, Pete is an avid marathon runner and enjoys hitting the pavement with his wife.

Topics covered in this Episode:


  • Learn the benefits of incorporating remote team members into your business strategy.
  • Harness the significance of self-confidence and ego to push your business venture beyond its limits.
  • Understand the role of core values in shaping successful business operations.
  • Explore techniques for hiring and managing employees to stimulate business growth.
  • Recognize the power of personalization in fostering positive connections with others.


About Pete Neubig:
Pete Neubig is the former co-founder of Empire Industries Property Management and Real Estate. He sold his business in 2019. Pete is currently the co-founder of VPM Solutions, an online marketplace that connects the housing industry with virtual assistants from around the globe.

Pete has been investing in real estate since 2001 including being a passive and lead investor in apartment complexes, flipped homes using the option method and has purchased numerous single family homes.

Pete has competed in numerous triathlons and marathons and has completed 2 iron man events. Pete is married to his beautiful wife Felicia.


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Timestamped summary of this episode:


00:00:00 – Introduction,
Host Paul Dio introduces the guest, Pete Neubig, and his background in real estate and business, as well as his passion for marathon running.

00:01:14 – Marathon Running,
Pete shares how he got into marathon running and how it has taught him discipline, time management, and consistency that he applies to running his business.

00:04:14 – Monotonous Tasks in Business,
Pete discusses the importance of doing the tedious tasks in a business, such as answering phones, building relationships, and creating systems, until you can afford to hire someone who is a better fit for those tasks.

00:07:05 – Delegating Tasks,
Pete explains that the right time to delegate tasks is when you have a clear job description, a personality profile for the position, and a system in place to train and manage the person you hire.

00:10:09 – Hiring and Training,
Pete emphasizes the importance of hiring the right person who shares the company’s core values, personality profile, and job description, and then training them properly with a video library and weekly meetings to ensure they are a good fit for the role.

00:13:09 – Finding Remote Team Members,
Pete Neubig talks about how he found remote team members from countries like Mexico and the Philippines. By hiring people from countries with a lower cost of living, he was able to pay them a good salary while also saving on costs. This allowed him to hire more staff and reduce the payroll costs of his US-based team.

00:15:13 – Benefits of Remote Teams,
Pete Neubig discusses the benefits of having a remote team. By offloading tasks to his team in Mexico, his US-based team was able to become more proactive and focus on client satisfaction. This helped his business to grow and receive more referrals.

00:17:14 – Overcoming Objections to Remote Teams,
Pete Neubig addresses common objections to using virtual assistants, including concerns over what they can do, payment, and training. He stresses the importance of treating remote team members like people and integrating them into company culture to help them become more effective and productive.

00:19:34 – The Vision for VPM,
Pete Neubig discusses his vision for VPM, which is to go deep into the housing market and provide free training courses for remote team members. His goal is to make VPM the go-to platform for companies in the housing industry to find high-quality remote talent.

00:24:44 – Core Values,
Pete Neubig talks about the importance of core values in his companies. He emphasizes the need to identify words that describe the best employees and

00:27:18 – Legacy and Helping Others,
Pete discusses his desire to leave a legacy of helping small business owners and providing opportunities for people. He enjoys coaching and giving back to his community.

00:28:21 – Personal vs. Mass Impact,
Pete shares his belief that helping people on a personal level can make a bigger impact than trying to touch the masses. He wants to continue helping people as his business grows.

00:29:19 – Contact Information,
Pete provides his contact information, including his LinkedIn and email addresses, as well as his cell phone number. He is open to connecting with people who are interested in learning more about his work.

00:29:47 – Closing Remarks,
Paul thanks Pete for joining him on the podcast and wraps up the conversation. Pete is grateful for the opportunity to share his story and discuss his passion for helping others.

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