Secrets to Balancing Business & Creative Passions with Augie Johnston

From a basketball player to a YouTuber to a CEO, Augie Johnston’s journey takes a surprising twist, revealing the importance of discipline and passion in the world of video editing. But what challenges did he face along the way, and what’s next for Vidchops? Find out more below.

In this episode Paul speaks with Augie Johnston CEO of Vidchops.

Augie Johnston is a former professional basketball player turned online entrepreneur who has a knack for balancing priorities and understanding the importance of discipline in business. Having played basketball in Europe for several years, Augie decided to channel his passion for the sport into a successful YouTube channel, Baller Boot Camp, which amassed over 200,000 subscribers and 20 million views. In addition to his YouTube success, Augie founded Vidchops, a video editing service tailored for content creators, which has been flourishing for over five years. As a dedicated and focused individual, Augie is the perfect guest to share insights on finding the right balance and maintaining discipline in business.

In this episode, you will learn to:

  • Understand the crucial impact of video editing in shaping content creation for leading YouTubers.
  • Investigate the intriguing shift from long-form to short-form video content in today’s digital landscape.
  • Gain insights into pioneering content marketing approaches, focusing on vertical videos and podcast contributions.
  • Learn to strike a perfect balance between work priorities, self-discipline, and delayed gratification for a flourishing business.


About Augie Johnston:
Augie Johnston is a 36 year old ex-YouTuber, former professional basketball player, turned entrepreneur. He is currently making waves in the video editing industry as a result of his promising start-up called VidChops. Vidchops, the brainchild of Augie, assists video creators, influencers, and digital marketers by carrying out the hard work of editing their videos. This allows them to focus more on the “content” side of their productions to therefore help them create more videos and better videos for their channel or brand. Augie works with full time YouTubers, online personalities, thought leaders, and anyone that creates online videos for their businesses.

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Chapter Summary below

Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 – Introduction,
Paul Dio introduces the podcast episode and the guest, Augie Johnston, the founder of Vid Shops, a specialist in video.

00:00:37 – Origin Story,
Augie Johnston shares his journey from playing basketball in Europe to launching a successful YouTube channel, Baller Boot Camp, and eventually founding Vid Shops, a video editing service.

00:05:02 – Basketball Training,
Augie Johnston discusses the monetization of basketball training and how the skillset has evolved over the years.

00:08:59 – Targeting a Niche,
Augie Johnston talks about targeting YouTubers as the main demographic for Vid Shops, but also expresses the desire to target small businesses and entrepreneurs.

00:11:15 – Video Content Evolution,
Augie Johnston explains the three phases of video content evolution: long-form YouTube content, short-form content, and the rise of video podcasts.

00:14:10 – Complete Content Marketing Strategy,
Augie recommends being a guest on one video podcast per week, creating one to two YouTube videos a week, and repurposing them into vertical videos. He also advises creating original vertical videos as well.

00:15:02 – Coaching for Content Creation,
Augie is working on building a community where coaching calls can help clients come up with video topics, titles, and scripting processes. He hopes this will solve the issue of clients canceling due to creative blocks.

00:15:49 – Worst Business Decision,
Augie mentions that his worst business decision is spending money on things he didn’t follow through with. He also says getting distracted too often is a big issue for him.

00:17:08 – Best Business Decision,
Hiring his video editor as a marketing director is Augie’s best business decision. It has doubled his power, helped him grind hard on marketing, and be a visionary for his business.

00:20:42 – Leaving a Legacy,
Augie believes his legacy will be more about the basketball players he coaches and mentors, as well as raising his sons to be great people. He hopes to have a bench named after him at his high school someday.

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