The Power of Knowledge: Navigating the Crypto World with Mark Venables


Mark Venables, CEO of The Crypto Merchant, joins host Paul Dio on the Legacy Podcast to discuss empowering individuals to confidently engage with cryptocurrency as an investment vehicle. Mark believes that many people shy away from using cold wallets because they perceive them as complicated and intimidating. To overcome this fear, he emphasizes the importance of demystifying crypto and making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their knowledge of blockchain technology and NFTs. Mark highlights the significance of education in the crypto space. He provides not only educational content about products but also fundamental concepts of crypto. By empowering individuals with knowledge, Mark aims to help them make informed decisions about their crypto investments. In the conversation, Mark also addresses the misconception that one needs to understand all the technical aspects of blockchain to get involved in crypto. He encourages people to jump in and assures them that they don’t have to be experts in the field to participate.


Topics covered in this Episode:

  • Break down the barriers of cryptocurrency, starting with understanding cold wallets.
  • Appreciate the vital role of education when navigating the crypto landscape.
  • Discover how little technical knowledge is needed to immerse yourself in the crypto world.
  • Learn to harness cryptocurrency confidently as a means to enhance your investment options.

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Timestamped summary of this episode:

00:00:20 – Introduction,
Paul Dio welcomes Mark Venables, CEO of The Crypto Merchant, to the podcast and highlights the breadth and depth of Mark’s entrepreneurial journey.

00:01:01 – Real Estate and Staffing,
Mark discusses his family’s background in real estate and how he ventured into staffing and screening. He also shares his decision to move to the US and buy a staffing agency in Daytona Beach.

00:02:39 – Transition to E-commerce,
Mark explains his transition from bricks and mortar businesses to e-commerce and how he started The Crypto Merchant, specializing in selling cold wallets. He emphasizes the importance of being an authorized reseller to ensure customers’ security.

00:05:05 – Adversity in the Crypto Space,
Mark discusses the challenges faced in the crypto space, particularly in 2022, due to the crypto winter. He shares advice he received to focus on SEO and content rather than paid advertising.

00:07:29 – Risk and Lessons Learned,
Mark describes himself as a risk-taker but acknowledges the importance of due diligence. He shares costly mistakes he made in real estate and buying a limo company. He also highlights the value of belief in oneself and learning from past experiences.

00:18:23 – Demystifying Cold Wallets and Crypto,
Mark discusses the fear and complexity surrounding cold wallets but emphasizes their importance and simplicity. He also encourages people to invest in crypto without needing to understand all the technical aspects.

00:18:42 – Education and Resources,
Mark mentions his efforts to provide educational content, not just on products, but also on topics like crypto and cold wallets. He invites listeners to reach out to him on LinkedIn, Facebook, or The Crypto Merchant for more information.

00:18:59 – Creating Educational Content,
Mark expresses his commitment to creating more educational content and cereal that can benefit others. He emphasizes the importance of demystifying crypto and making it accessible to a wider audience.

00:19:08 – Conclusion and Farewell,
The conversation concludes with Mark expressing his pleasure and thanking the interviewer. He bids farewell and encourages everyone to take care.

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