Transform Your Life & Business with the Prosperity Loop with Chris Lautenslager

From a small business family to a new career at 65, Chris Lautenslager’s journey is filled with unexpected twists that will leave you inspired and wanting more. Follow his journey as he discovers the power of journaling, the importance of relationships, and the pursuit of a greater purpose. But what was the unexpected twist that changed everything? Keep reading to find out.

Only pursuing compensation is not always the best way to make your choices in regards to a career. – Chris Lautenslager

Don’t miss this fascinating talk with entrepreneur Chris Lautenslager, as he joins host Paul Dio to discuss the significance of relationships and persistence in the world of business. With a firm foundation in small businesses, Chris has a unique understanding of the value of daily interactions and the impact they can have on your success. Sharing his story and insights, Chris emphasizes the importance of having a common vision, not only for your business but also for creating a happy and fulfilling life.


Topics covered in this Episode:


  • Discern the essential role of interpersonal connections and purpose-driven actions in achieving a rewarding life.
  • Draw valuable lessons from everyday interactions and relentless perseverance to achieve success.
  • Open your mind to alternative career paths that resonate with a greater, more profound purpose.
  • Take a deep dive into self-exploration and confront self-imposed barriers to unlock personal growth.
  • Perfect the skill of nurturing relationships and offering value to unlock the doors of business success.



About Chris Lautenslager:

Chris is a seasoned sales and business veteran with a Masters in Finance and Economics from Northwestern University. His forty-year career began on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where he started his first business in partnership with his brother Curtis. With the introduction of electronic trading, he transitioned to Wall Street to participate in this disruptive new technology. As a Senior Sales Executive with some of the world’s most prominent financial institutions, he learned the business practices that can propel or crush a company’s potential for success. He was able to apply those lessons as a Founder and Board Member of a small business which developed into a publicly listed company on NASDAQ.

During his vast experience at the heart of the financial world, Chris weathered and witnessed the personal and societal impacts caused by the increasing speed, complexity and volatility of the industry. He observed and recognized how the extraordinary wealthy rarely shared the credit or the wealth with the employees, vendors and community that made organizational success a reality. The power of a reshaped version of Capitalism and potential of the community of socially conscious leaders inspired Chris’s mission to help redefine the hierarchical, shareholder-first corporate model and foster companies that prioritize purpose as importantly as profits.

Driven by an unshakable desire to partner with the leaders of small and medium businesses, Chris founded GET LOOPED, LLC as a platform to showcase the value and benefits of a collective prosperity for people, businesses and communities. Today, he helps businesses and CEOs incorporate prosperity in collaboration with profitability into their business practices.


Book –The Prosperity Loop: A Wealth Creation Model for Socially Conscious Leaders, Their Teams, and Their Communities – by Chris Lautenslager

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Chapter Summary below

Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 – Growing up in a small business family,
Chris shares his background growing up in a family that was all-in on their small business. He talks about his father’s story of starting a paving company and how he used to wake him up early to go to the local diner where he learned about the importance of relationships in business.

00:04:10 – Legacy and Purpose in Work,
Chris reflects on his father’s response to his question about how he could do the same thing every day, and how it inspired him to seek a greater purpose and vision in his own work. He talks about the importance of having a common vision and greater purpose than just making money in building a better and happier life.

00:11:01 – Writing The Prosperity Loop,
Chris talks about how he came to write his book, The Prosperity Loop, during the pandemic after retiring from a long and successful career in finance. He reflects on how pursuing financial security came at a tremendous sacrifice and how writing the book helped him encourage others to seek a more fulfilling and happier life beyond just making money.

00:13:21 – Morning Journaling,
Chris talks about how writing the book encouraged him to start journaling every morning, and how it has been more rewarding than he ever imagined. He shares how it helps him follow through on his thoughts and reflect on his limiting beliefs, problem-solving, and universal thought.

00:16:40 – Spur of the Moment Ideas,
Chris talks about how podcasts and books have

00:18:12 – Chris Lautenslager’s Background and Approach to Business,
Chris Lautenslager, former top realtor in the country, shares his approach to business, which centers on relationship-building and referrals. He has created a successful real estate training and speaking business that focuses on providing value to customers.

00:19:55 – Impact of Public Speaking,
Chris discusses the immediate satisfaction that comes from public speaking and the ability to connect with audiences on a deeper level. Helping others and making a positive impact through storytelling is incredibly rewarding to him.

00:20:55 – Legacy and Pursuing Dreams,
Despite being 65 years old and starting a new career, Chris is determined to encourage people to pursue their dreams no matter their age or obstacles. He wants to leave a legacy of inspiring others to chase their passions and build their own legacies.

00:22:42 – Building Your Legacy,
Chris believes that it is never too late to build your legacy and pursue your dreams. He encourages listeners to visit his website and connect with him to stay in touch and learn more about his book, The Prosperity Loop.

00:23:28 – Where to Find Chris Lautenslager,
Chris can be found at, where his book, The Prosperity Loop, can be purchased. He is also creating a regular newsletter and encourages listeners to sign up and stay in touch.

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