Mastering the Art of Communication: Tips from Brenden Kumarasamy

If you’re feeling frustrated and dejected because your efforts to provide accessible communication coaching for underprivileged talent are not yielding the desired results, then you are not alone!


“Communication is like juggling 18 balls at the same time. So, focus on the three easiest ones and master them systematically.” – Brenden Kumarasamy

This week on Legacy podcast, Paul talks with Brenden Kumarasamy.


Brenden Kumarasamy, the CEO of Master Talk and an expert in making communication accessible to all. Surprisingly, Brenden started his journey in accounting but found his true passion in public speaking during case competitions in college. As he coached more and more people, he realized the importance of developing a sustainable communication system. Through Master Talk, Brenden now focuses on helping others learn how to communicate efficiently to future their careers. He also teaches underprivileged talented individuals build their communication skills with an emphasis on simplicity, practicality, and generosity through rockstar communication.


In this episode, you will learn to:

  • Hone communication expertise essential for entrepreneurial success and
    leadership growth.
  • Pinpoint the perfect client and craft content to foster dedicated customers.
  • Master the art of embracing uncertainty and excel in impromptu public speaking.
  • Break free from stubbornness, adjust your approach, and locate your prime niche.
  • Unlock the keys to inclusive communication and establish a lasting, efficient system.


About Brenden Kumarasamy:

As an experienced speaker and facilitator, Brenden understands that audience members need to walk away captivated, and above all, inspired to master the art of communication. It should be seen as something to look forward to rather than a burden that must be overcome.

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Chapter Summary below

00:00:00 – Introduction,
Host, Paul Dio welcomes Brendan Kumarasamy, CEO of Master Talk, to the Business Legacy Podcast.

00:00:46 – Brendan’s Story,
Brendan shares how he accidentally became a communication coach. He started coaching college students in competitive presentations and developed a gift in coaching others to communicate effectively.

00:02:11 – Brendan’s Unique Approach,
Brendan discusses his unique approach to communication coaching, which emphasizes simplicity, practicality, and generosity. He explains that many coaches in the industry are too smart and unable to simplify their knowledge for the average person.

00:04:20 – Niching Down,
Brendan shares his experience with trying different niches before finding success with Indian technology professionals who are stuck in the middle of the corporate ladder due to their communication skills. He emphasizes the importance of sitting down with clients to understand their pain points.

00:10:49 – Evolving as a Leader,
Brendan highlights the importance of applying a systematic approach to communication, just like how one would approach learning a new skill. He compares communication to juggling 18 balls and emphasizes the need to focus on the fundamentals.

00:12:38 – Random Word Exercise,
This exercise helps deal with uncertainty and makes it easier to master subject matter expertise. The ability to make sense out of nonsense makes communication infinitely easier to master. Doing the exercise five times a day for at least a month will help you become proficient.

00:16:07 – Best Business Decision,
Quitting his corporate job to follow Master full-time earlier in his career was the best decision Brenden made. This decision gave him a time advantage over other communication coaches, and he used all his hours to grow the business.

00:18:51 – Worst Business Decision,
Brenden made a bad decision of being stubborn. He sent 50,000 cold emails to university professors across the US and Canada to share his videos but continued even when he received negative feedback. He should have stopped and found a new vertical.

00:23:01 – Gaining Authority at a Young Age,
Brenden gained authority by coaching kids of Vomsi’s clients, who acted as a bridge of trust between him and their clients. Show don’t tell strategy helps young people show how great they are instead of just telling people.

00:26:34 – Communication Advice,
Being aware of the audience’s level of understanding, not using jargon, and giving clear instructions are essential to communication. Brenden advises one to convince the audience, not to impose their thoughts on them, using logical persuasion and emotional appeal.

00:25:18 – Early Success Story,
Brenden shares the story of a CFO client from the Chinese community in Toronto who chose to work with him after trying three other communication coaches without success. Brenden offered him free coaching for the first two or three sessions, then payment if he liked the service. The client paid the invoice in a day, proving Brenden’s success.

00:26:12 – 50 Year Vision,
Brenden explains that his vision is to provide free access to communication resources to exceptionally talented individuals, especially those who cannot afford coaching. He believes that communication is a key factor that can help people enroll others into their vision and achieve their goals.

00:28:13 – Legacy,
Brenden shares a story about Taylor Swift’s speech at the Woman of the Year award, where she talked about taking care of young aspiring musicians. This inspired Brenden to think about taking care of the next Elon Musk from a communication perspective. He wants to become the Best Communication Coach that Ever Lived and leave a legacy that supports future change-makers.

00:30:52 – How to Connect,
Brenden invites listeners to visit his Master Talk YouTube channel to access hundreds of free videos on how to speak. He also facilitates a free communication workshop over Zoom that anyone can join, regardless of age or position. To register for the workshop, visit

00:31:36 – Conclusion,
Paul thanks Brenden for sharing his insights and experiences on the podcast. Brenden expresses his

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