Ep 117: Gaining Respect Through Appreciation, Autonomy, Affiliation, Status, and Role – Understanding Emotion in Negotiation with Beyond Reason

In this week’s episode, Paul will be the guest and talk about the book Beyond Reason and the lessons he has learned. After reading Beyond Reason written by Roger Fisher and Daniel Shapiro, I learned about the 5 Core Concerns of understanding emotion in negotiation. Appreciation, autonomy, affiliation, status, and role all play an important role in understanding and leading people. One lesson I learned was to show appreciation for people’s work and sacrifice, respect their autonomy, understand their affiliations and status, and recognize the roles they are fulfilling. By understanding these core concerns, I have been able to have more positive conversations with people.



In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How can showing appreciation help build a positive relationship in negotiation
  2. What roles do autonomy, affiliation and status play in decision-making
  3. How can understanding the five core concerns of emotion in negotiation help improve communication

Book Referenced:

Beyond Reason, written by Roger Fisher and Daniel Shapiro

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Chapter Summary below


Paul Dio: Today I’m going to go over Beyond Reason, a book written by Roger Fisher and Daniel Shapiro. In this book, he goes over the five core concerns when understanding emotion in negotiation. And I’ll go through some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way.


People want to feel valued in respect of their thoughts, feelings and contributions in negotiation. Showing appreciation for the other party’s position and acknowledging their perspective can help build a positive relationship. Most people value autonomy.


Some people make decisions based on affiliation. Understanding affiliation on how the person has made decisions in the past is far more valuable than what features, benefits, and products that you can offer. If you do not recognize that that’s how they make decisions, you have to show value.


People want to feel valued and respected in their social group. Understanding status and what dynamics and what tribes they have is crucial. Respecting the other party’s roles and responsibilities can reduce negative emotions and increase cooperation.

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