Ep 116: From Patents to Roofing: Miguel Taveras’s Journey to Business Expansion

“You just have to do what you say and say what you do. A lot of people overpromise, under deliver and unfortunately there’s a really bad rap in our industry. So we take a lot of pride in looking different, acting different, doing everything in a very different approach to what our competitors and what the industry has traditionally done.” -Miguel Taveras 

This week on the Business Legacy podcast Paul Dio speaks with Miguel Taveras is the founder of Blue Hammer Roofing, a company specializing in insurance-based reroofing projects. With an electrical engineering degree, Miguel has a background in tech consulting and the US Patent and Trademark Office, giving him the skills to succeed in business.


Miguel Taveras was bored after selling his tech consulting company, so he decided to join a roofing company and start his own business. His goal was to become the number one player in the insurance based reroofing segment, and despite the industry’s bad rap, he focused on providing trust and high-quality work. He worked seven days a week and had an all-in mentality to turn his billion-dollar dream into reality. Through trial and error, he learned how to wear all the hats that led to business growth and expansion and learned to recruit and staff the right people to help him succeed.



In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How Miguel transitioned from a tech career to running a billion-dollar roofing company.

2. How the roofing industry is highly fragmented and Miguel has found a niche within a niche to dominate.

3. How Miguel utilizes technology, discipline, and an “all-in” mentality in his business strategy and how it has led to success.

About Miguel Taveras:

Miguel has lead 3 companies and is the current Managing Partner of Blue Hammer Roofing. Blue Hammer is the fastest growing company in the SW region with 15,911% growth over the last 3 years and over $100 million dollars in sales. He specializes in business building an emphasizes building companies with scalable and sustain business practices that allow accelerated growth.


Connect with Miguel here:
Website: https://www.bluehammerroofing.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miguel-taveras-02265025/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/migtaveras/

Connect with Paul:
Website: https://innovativewealth.com/
Instagram: https://businesslegacypodcast.com/


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Chapter Summaries:


Miguel Taveras is the founder of Blue Hammer Roofing. The company focuses on insurance based reroofing. Tavares says his goal is to be the number one player in the insurance-based segment. He says the company is focusing on a niche within a niche.


roofing contractors are always in the top five of the least trustworthy industry. “A lot of people over promise, under deliver and unfortunately there’s a really bad rap in our industry,” says owner. “We take a lot of pride in looking different, acting different”


The top five most untrustworthy companies are roofing industries. There’s three reasons people buy from you trust need and money. Trust in our industry is the biggest one that we try to overcome.


The patent attorney was in wireless communications in 2004, 2005. This is pre iPhone, pre a lot of things that now we’ve become. It rewires your brain when you see the future before anyone else does, he says. Now he thinks of everything in a reverse engineer state.


Elon Musk says he always knew he wanted to get into business. He says the discipline that you have in your personal life is the exact same discipline in your business life. Musk: Business issues become personal issues. The other thing with business is an all in mentality.


In our previous conversation, you talked about identifying problems at scale. Was it 50 employees to 100 employees to 500 employees? What were the tiers and what were the certain problems that arrived at those tiers? And it even goes even further out our endgame. Our end thought is billion dollar company.


Blue Hammer wants to go from Houston to Minnesota, north to south, and east to west. If accounting team can’t do payroll, that’s a bottleneck. Bloom Hammer has been really, really diligent on that, of making sure it sounds like the bare minimum. It’s allowed them to exponentially grow.


Last three years you’ve brought in $100 million in sales. This year you’re going to break another record. Marketing is going to be a critical piece for us right now. For us to avoid future bottlenecks, that’s what we’re focusing on.


A lot of knowledge is acquired through trial and error. What I wasn’t great at was recruiting, billing, staffing, all the other things that people forget you will have to do if you run a business. What we wanted to make sure is okay, because we have this really good hive mind, and we have redundancy.


We let go of several million dollar players because we knew they just didn’t jive with our culture. Those were some of the toughest days, letting go of people who because it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a bad person. You have to make that tough decision.


We want to help out cities, states, towns that are devastated by big hailstorms or hurricanes. If you could relive one day, either professionally or personally, what would that day be?


Miguel Taveras is the owner of Blue Hammer Roofing. You can also find him on Instagram and almost all social media. He says look me up, find me, and I’m sure you’ll see all sorts of stuff.

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