The Recruiter Focused on Community Change

In this compelling episode of the Legacy Podcast, host Paul Dio explores the world of entrepreneurship and business resilience with special guest Patrick Cahill, the president and founder of Twice as Nice Recruiting. Patrick reflects on his entrepreneurial journey, highlighting the significance of adaptability, embracing change, and driving growth. He discusses the post-Covid challenges faced by his company and underscores the importance of differentiation in the recruiting industry, focusing on delivering value to clients. Additionally, Patrick shares his dedication to community impact, emphasizing a holistic approach to success that extends beyond conventional business legacies. Through his insights and experiences, Patrick embodies an entrepreneurial spirit, adaptability, and a commitment to making a positive difference in the world. This episode offers invaluable insights for small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to optimize their strategies, overcome challenges, and glean wisdom from the seasoned entrepreneur, Patrick Cahill.


Topics covered in this Episode:

  • Learn the importance of adapting to market demands to drive growth and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Embrace change by letting go of failed concepts and discover how it can lead to new opportunities for your business.
  • Solve business puzzles and optimize strategies to scale your business for long-term success.
  • Discover Patricks entrepreneurial journey evolution and gain insights into building a successful business from the ground up.

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About Patrick: 

Patrick Cahill is the Founder and President of #twiceasnice Recruiting where he and the team help over 1,700 employers hire better with their industry-leading 9.9% fee and 18-month guarantee. Cahill also serves as a Board Member of Saha Global, a non-profit operating 434 micro-utilities in Northern Ghana that serve clean water to 130,000 people daily. He graduated from Babson College focusing on Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship.


Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 – Introduction and Background of Patrick Cahill
Patrick Cahill, president and founder of twice as nice recruiting, shares his entrepreneurial journey from starting his first company to pivoting to twice as nice.

00:02:44 – The Disappointing Success of Selling a Company
Patrick reflects on the bittersweet feeling of selling his first company, expressing both disappointment and excitement for the future.

00:08:59 – Video Game and Business Decisions
Patrick shares his favorite video game and discusses the most difficult yet relieving business decision of letting go of an existing concept to move forward.

00:11:52 – Discovery of Niche B2B Companies
Patrick discusses the fascinating journey of discovering small, niche b2b companies and the critical roles they play in various industries, highlighting the gratifying aspects of his work.

00:15:22 – Unique Approach to Recruiting
Patrick shares his unique approach to recruiting, focusing on challenging the standardized practices in the industry and applying his business background to identify his initial niche and ideal clients.

00:16:02 – Challenging the Recruiting Industry
Patrick discusses how his company challenges the recruiting industry by focusing on driving value for clients, rather than extracting as much value as possible. He also highlights the importance of creating a different experience for clients.

00:18:30 – Adapting to Post-Covid Challenges
Patrick shares the challenges his company faced post-Covid, from 80% of their business evaporating to the sudden surge in hiring demands. He emphasizes the importance of staying prepared and the impact on the recruiting industry as a whole.

00:21:03 – Coping with Stress
Patrick humorously admits to being a “functioning stressaholic”, but credits his rock-solid team for helping him handle the stress. He also acknowledges the impact of the ups and downs on his wife and the emotional challenges faced during the pandemic.

00:23:17 – Building a Lasting Impact
Patrick shares his vision of leaving a legacy beyond business, focusing on community impact and supporting music talent in Boston. He also highlights his involvement in providing clean water to communities in northern Ghana, expressing excitement for the potential impact on people’s lives.

00:26:10 – Connecting with Patrick Cahill
Patrick invites listeners to learn more about his company, Twice as Nice, and connect with him on LinkedIn. He expresses his eagerness to help individuals with their career journeys and assist companies in finding top talent.

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