Lifestyle Renaissance: Navigating Beyond the Traditional Route

This week Paul speaks with Andy LaPointe, a seasoned lifestyle entrepreneur and founder of Traverse Bay Farms, to dive into the world of lifestyle entrepreneurship. Andy shares his journey from real estate to the food industry, emphasizing the importance of designing a lifestyle first and then creating the income to support it. His insights on creating multiple income streams, prioritizing personal growth, and exceeding client expectations offer valuable lessons for aspiring lifestyle entrepreneurs. Andy’s emphasis on leveraging knowledge, sharing unique experiences, and leaving a positive legacy through integrity and gratitude makes this episode a must-listen for anyone looking to make a meaningful impact as an entrepreneur. His recent book, “Zoomtown USA,” explores remote work and entrepreneurship, further enriching the conversation with practical advice and inspiration. By learning from Andy’s experiences, you can gain valuable insights into building a successful lifestyle business while creating a positive legacy.


Topics covered in this Episode:

  • Gain insights and guidance for lifestyle entrepreneurship success.
  • Understand different leadership styles in corporate and entrepreneurship.
  • Learn to provide value beyond financial transactions.

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About Andy:

My wife, Jennifer and I, started our gourmet food business in 2001. This was a result of September 11. Since 2009, our company, Traverse Bay Farms, has won 38+ national food awards, our products distributed in 42 states. You see, prior to starting our gourmet food business I was a registered investment advisor and mutual fund wholesaler working with the top money managers in America. I spent 150 nights per year in hotels and flew 75,000 airline miles per year. Due to those tragic events of 9/11 I completed changed my legacy from making as money money as possible to become an example to others of first designing the lifestyle I wanted for myself and my family, then creating the income to support that lifestyle, no matter what that lifestyle was. Fast forward to today, my wife and I work together, we live and work in the same building and I have taught course, written books, etc. about how to design a lifestyle first.


Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 – Introduction
Andy LaPointe defines a lifestyle entrepreneur as someone who designs their desired lifestyle first and then creates income to support it. He emphasizes the importance of mindset and leveraging resources to achieve personal and financial goals.

00:03:57 – Entrepreneurial Journey from Real Estate to Investment Advisory
LaPointe shares his journey from selling real estate to becoming a series seven stockbroker and mutual fund wholesaler. He highlights the importance of freedom and flexibility in the corporate world and prioritizing lifestyle choices over traditional career paths.

00:07:10 – Evolution of Leadership Style
LaPointe reflects on his leadership experience in the corporate world versus as an entrepreneur. He emphasizes the shift from reactive leadership to providing guidance, encouragement, and personal growth opportunities for employees in his current business.

00:09:57 – Gratification in the Food Industry
LaPointe discusses the unique opportunity in the food industry to serve clients in their most personal and intimate experiences in life. He emphasizes meeting and exceeding customer expectations and delivering products that enhance personal life experiences.

00:14:33 – Making Tough Decisions and Embracing Change
LaPointe shares the toughest decision of transitioning from a corporate job to becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur, influenced by the events of September 11. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing when the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change.

00:14:48 – Best Business Advice
Andy discusses the best business advice he received: to leverage his knowledge. He shares a personal anecdote about struggling in real estate and how his sales manager’s advice to write a book turned his career around.

00:18:08 – Legacy Definition
Andy defines legacy as living life to the fullest, helping others, and maintaining personal integrity. He emphasizes the importance of gratitude and appreciating others’ unique stories. His goal is for everyone he meets to have a positive experience and gain a new perspective.

00:19:34 – Legacy & Relationships
Andy emphasizes the importance of approaching relationships with others as blessed individuals. He aims to brighten people’s days and provide them with a different perspective, ultimately leaving a positive legacy through his interactions.

00:20:51 – Andy’s Work & Book
Andy shares information about his book, “Zoomtown USA,” which discusses leveraging and building the desired lifestyle. He also mentions his website,, and the national food awards his company has won.

00:21:32 – Podcast Recap & Conclusion
Paul and Andy thank each other, and Andy provides his contact information for those interested in learning more about him and his work. The podcast episode concludes with a call to leave a review and visit the Business Legacy Podcast website for more information.

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