The Crypto Accountant – Harry Shurek

This week we interview #93: Harry Shurek of The Crypto Accountant about his background in accounting, crypto, cannabis and sales.

About Harry Shurek: 

In 2009 I started my first public accounting firm, Shurek Accounting & Tax, operating out of my bonus room upstairs and meeting clients at their homes and local Starbucks. In 2012, after picking up my first 250 or so clients, I opened my first office, hired my first employee and began to grow my practice.

Through advertising, networking and referrals, I picked up an average of 100 clients per year, consisting of a good mixture of small-to-medium sized businesses as well as individual tax clients, and had accumulated around 800 clients by my eighth year. In 2015, I started doing work for clients in the cannabis industry in various states, and after accumulating a few clients, in 2016, I created my new company, MCA Accounting Solutions/

After working in the cannabis space for a few years and learning of the true need of good accountants to help businesses stay in compliance, In January of 2018, I sold over 600 of my initial clients to another local accountant and shifted most of my main practice focus to cannabis accounting.

For almost the last decade, we have helped clients that own dispensaries, cultivations, processing facilities and ancillary service providers in almost every state that there is a legal cannabis program – working with over 100 licensees in most legal states.

In 2017, I was introduced to the crypto world by several clients that were involved in different aspects and activities.  Since then, I have been heavily involved in mining, trading, Defi, NFTs and we have been doing accounting and taxes for clients in the space for the past several years. Seeing another niche market with a significant need, I officially formed The Crypto Accountant / in 2021 to help the crypto community not only to be able to accurately represent their crypto gains and losses for tax return purposes, but also to allow for proactive and strategic tax planning based around their crypto portfolios and activities.

After working with over 1,000+ companies and individuals spanning just about every industry there is, I have developed a true understanding of not only the cannabis and cryptocurrency industries, but also the struggles and challenges it takes for businesses to survive and compete in the dynamic business environments of today. As a fellow entrepreneur, I also understand the hustle and dedication it takes to run a business, and the extra efforts it takes to do so successfully.


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