Stranger Kindness – Joseph Mault

This week we interview #94: Joseph Mault, a filmmaker and writer. Joseph discusses his latest film, Stranger Kindness, which has yet to be released.

About Joseph Mault: 

Joseph Mault is an interdisciplinary artist whose work largely revolves around the moving image. He has been directing and shooting music videos with billy woods and Armand Hammer for some time. Recent projects they have collaborated on have included a 3-channel video installation at Atonal Berlin in Germany as well as a video installation at Knockdown Center in Brooklyn. In 2020, Joseph released a short film which documented the making of the music video for ‘Charms’ by Armand Hammer, for which he built a 1:24th scale derelict version of Brooklyn out of cereal boxes. In 2022, the music video for ‘Charms’ by Armand Hammer won BEST MUSIC VIDEO at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase – LA Film Festival. Joseph is a sculptor, and while working on a documentary for friends, he noticed how he could convey a story with video, which led him down a new artistic route. Joseph says, “The way I think about art is you are creating imagery one way or another.”



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