Replacing Plastics with Natural Fibers: How Ying Launched a Biomass Packaging Startup

Embark on an enlightening journey with Ying Liu, the mastermind behind Blue Lake Packaging, as she takes us behind the scenes of her revolutionary eco-friendly packaging solutions. In a world grappling with plastic waste, Ying’s dedication to creating sustainable alternatives using natural fibers is not only inspiring but a necessary step towards environmental conservation. Our discussion ventures through the trials of innovation, revealing the complexities Blue Lake Packaging faced in their quest to develop functional and cost-effective substitutes for traditional plastics. Hear how Ying transitioned from a high-tech career to a champion of green entrepreneurship, overcoming the challenges of scarce resources and strategic client selection to make a significant impact on the consumer electronics industry.

The episode also highlights Ying’s unwavering commitment to her legacy through her groundbreaking introduction of the world’s first plastic-free tape and dispenser. Her story is a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of nurturing an environmentally conscious community. By connecting with Ying on LinkedIn and joining the ranks of eco-advocates, listeners can contribute to a sustainable future. We explore how networking plays a critical role in advancing eco-friendly initiatives and consider the lasting mark that individuals and businesses can leave on the planet. Tune in for an engaging and thought-provoking dialogue about the intersection of technology, sustainability, and the entrepreneurial spirit.


Topics covered in this Episode:

  • Discover innovative sustainable packaging solutions to reduce your business’s environmental impact.
  • Common challenges businesses face when transitioning away from plastic packaging.
  • Navigate the entrepreneurial transition from the corporate world to launching a startup with valuable insights and tips.

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Timestamped summary of this episode:

00:00:01 – Introduction to Blue Lake Packaging
Ying Lu introduces Blue Lake Packaging, a company specializing in sustainable packaging solutions using natural fibers to replace plastics.

00:01:24 – Challenges in Sustainable Packaging
The biggest challenge is finding functional, cost-competitive alternatives to plastic. Scaling production and investment involved in scaling are additional hurdles.

00:05:05 – Transition from Corporate to Entrepreneurship
Ying discusses the challenges of transitioning from a corporate role at Apple to being an entrepreneur, including resource limitations and building brand recognition.

00:09:23 – Decision-Making in Product Development
Ying explains how Blue Lake Packaging prioritizes projects by focusing on breakthrough solutions that add value to the industry and customers.

00:14:46 – Legacy and Impact
Ying shares that her legacy is not about personal recognition but influencing her children and others to make a positive impact by creating plastic-free solutions through Blue Lake Packaging.

00:18:01 – Blue Lake Packaging and Blue Lake Ecolife
Ying shares information about their two websites, and, which offer eco-friendly packaging solutions and consumer products.

00:18:30 – Plastic-free Tape and Dispenser
Ying discusses their innovative product, the world’s first plastio-free tape and dispenser for office, school, and home use, as a sustainable alternative to single-use tape dispensers.

00:18:47 – Connecting with Passionate Environmentalists
Ying encourages connecting with like-minded individuals on LinkedIn, emphasizing the importance of collective action and a unified voice in the fight against plastic pollution.

00:19:15 – Collaboration for Environmental Impact
Ying highlights the significance of collaboration and unity in addressing environmental issues, emphasizing the need for individuals and companies to work together for a greater impact.

00:19:40 – Conclusion and Well Wishes
Ying expresses gratitude for the opportunity to be on the podcast, thanking the host and wishing everyone a great day.

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