Uncovering Healthcare’s Hidden Gems: Training Overlooked Talent

Dr. David Lenihan’s journey into diversifying the healthcare workforce is a fascinating story of unexpected paths and genuine passion. It’s clear that his unique approach was born from personal experiences and a deep understanding of the impact of education on healthcare accessibility. His realization that untapped talent exists in underserved areas led to groundbreaking strategies, such as developing math models to predict student success and eliminating implicit biases in the admissions process. Dr. Lenihan’s commitment to uncovering and nurturing these overlooked individuals reflects not only his expertise but also his empathy and determination. His story resonates with the belief that everyone, regardless of background, deserves the opportunity to pursue a career in healthcare and make a meaningful difference in their communities. 


Topics covered in this Episode:

  • Learn about the importance of building medical schools in underserved areas to address healthcare disparities.
  • Explore the impact of education on improving healthcare accessibility for all communities.
  • Find effective strategies to diversify the healthcare workforce and promote inclusivity.

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About Dr. David: 
Dr. David Lenihan is the co-founder and CEO of Tiber Health, a global education technology company that’s opening pathways to make medical education more accessible for students of all backgrounds and income levels. His work has been featured in such media outlets as The Washington Post, Cureus, Fast Company, Forbes, STAT, Management Today, Medical Economics, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, MEDPAGE Today, and Institutional Investor.


Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 – Introduction to Legacy Podcast
Dr. Lenihan discusses the importance of diversifying the healthcare workforce and leaving a legacy through education and opportunity.

00:00:37 – Diversifying the Healthcare Workforce
Dr. Lenihan shares his mission to diversify the healthcare workforce by identifying and training individuals from different regions and socioeconomic backgrounds.

00:02:36 – The Dorothy Effect
Dr. Lenihan introduces the concept of the “Dorothy Effect” – the idea that individuals from areas with healthcare issues are more likely to return and practice, and explains how this drives his approach to medical education.

00:05:42 – Impact and Journey
Dr. Lenihan reflects on his 20-year journey in reshaping medical education, emphasizing the transformational impact of healthcare degrees on individuals’ socioeconomic status and the long-term benefits of education.

00:09:54 – The Power of Education
Dr. Lenihan shares his personal journey from a non-traditional path to becoming a doctor and emphasizes the lifelong value and flexibility of education in shaping one’s career and opportunities.

00:13:05 – Career Journey and Impact
Dr. David Lenihan discusses his career journey from getting an MBA at Cambridge to his work in private equity. He shares the gratifying experience of getting overlooked students into medical school and the impact they have in underserved communities.

00:14:24 – Developing Math Models
Dr. Lenihan explains how they developed math models to calculate the value of student responses to questions in medical school. The models track student performance and accurately predict board performance, leading to high success rates.

00:17:23 – Medical School Match and Impact
The conversation shifts to the recent medical school match results, with a 97% match rate, and the impact of graduates going into communities of need. Dr. Lenihan emphasizes the importance of training doctors in various disciplines to serve different communities.

00:20:50 – Building Medical Schools in Underserved Areas
Dr. Lenihan shares the impact of building a new medical school in north St. Louis to bring talent to communities lacking healthcare workers. He reflects on the humanity in all of us and the desire to make a difference in underserved areas.

00:23:50 – Where to Find More Information
Dr. Lenihan directs listeners to tiberhealth.com for updates on their work and clippings.me for his writings. He also invites people to connect with him on LinkedIn for more insights into their initiatives.

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