John King – JK Welding

This week we interview (#14) John King, Founder of JK Welding, about welding and fabrication, building a trade business, and more.

About John King:

When you hear the word “welder” what connotation comes to mind and what images does that word conjure up? Perhaps a welding division of the construction industry; or welders in a shipyard or railyard, with the archetypal sparks flying from a welding torch with the heat allowing the metals to flow together, and the quintessential welder’s helmet worn by the worker. Welders are essential to a myriad of industries and manufacturing companies, yet many of these highly skilled workers do not consider welding an “art,” but a necessary component of the job or project. Enter into the picture John King, of Cypress, Texas. John started and metamorphized a small part-time welding business into JK Welding, a multi-million-dollar welding company that thrives on creativity, skill, and manpower. John’s credo is, “we build dreams.” If other companies turn down a project, John and his crew take on the job with gusto.

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