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Nick DiNatale, the guest on Legacy Podcast, shares his journey of simplifying shipping and logistics. Having worked at FedEx for twelve years, Nick noticed a common theme among the company’s customers – a lack of understanding around shipping costs and billing issues. This realization inspired him to start Ship Plug, a company that aims to simplify the complex world of shipping logistics. With a background in accounting and a deep understanding of the intricacies of the shipping industry, Nick and his team have developed innovative software that helps businesses comprehend their shipping expenses, automate billing processes, and even file for refunds on late shipments. Through his expertise and dedication, Nick has not only reduced shipping costs for numerous businesses but has also positively impacted their overall operations. His passion for simplifying shipping and logistics radiates through as he continues to revolutionize the way businesses approach their shipping needs.


Topics covered in this Episode:

  • Leave a lasting impact through simplified shipping and logistics.
  • Streamline your business with automated billing and claims process.
  • Slash shipping costs and boost your bottom line.
  • Build a strong foundation by hiring the right people for your business.


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About Nick: 

Founder of ShipPlug, a data-driven insights and proprietary software company that saves businesses time and money when it comes to their parcel shipping efforts, Nick DiNatale cut his teeth as a FedEx Sales Representative-turned-Sales Manager, where he managed high-profile accounts totaling hundreds of millions of dollars over a 12-year span. While working there, he identified a pain point among customers that didn’t understand the claims process or their pricing contracts, resulting in financial losses. Enter ShipPlug, which has recovered $1 million in refunds for late shipments and generated a total of $12 million in savings for its customers in just two years. Having seen firsthand companies go out of business due to a lack of understanding regarding their shipping costs, Nick is passionate about bringing a level of transparency and clarity to the space, providing customers fair and appropriate price-saving solutions in the process.


Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 – Introduction of Nick DiNatale, CEO of Shipplug, is welcomed to the show.

00:04:04 – Nick’s Background and Shipplug’s Origin
Nick shares his background, growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and working at FedEx for twelve years. He explains the origin of Shipplug, highlighting the need to simplify the complex business side of shipping for customers.

00:06:41 – Shipplug’s Solution and Customer Impact
Nick discusses how Shipplug’s software helps customers understand their shipping costs, manage surcharges, and automate the billing and claims process. He shares examples of how Shipplug has significantly reduced shipping costs for large ecommerce brands.

00:09:03 – Identifying Ideal Shipplug Customers
Nick explains that Shipplug’s advanced software can work with any shipper, from ecommerce stores to law firms and airplane companies. He emphasizes the software’s ability to help businesses make better shipping decisions and improve customer experience.

00:11:37 – Challenges in Addressing Shipping Costs
Nick delves into the challenges posed by the carriers’ pricing models, including frequent rate increases, surcharge changes, and peak surcharges. He highlights how Shipplug solves this problem by providing transparency and cost management for businesses.

00:17:02 – Impact of the Company on People’s Lives
Nick shares the most rewarding aspect of building the company – seeing how it has positively impacted the lives of the people involved, from friends to employees, by providing a better work-life balance and financial stability.

00:18:31 – Early Hiring Decisions
Nick discusses the initial hiring decisions, highlighting the importance of hiring the right people for specific roles and acknowledging the mistake of hiring unnecessary positions during the early stages of the company.

00:20:38 – Learning from Books
Nick emphasizes the value of reading books to gain diverse ideas and insights from successful founders, like Reed Hastings and Elon Musk, and how he applies these learnings to his own business.

00:22:41 – Discipline and Success
Nick attributes his mindset and discipline to his background in sports, emphasizing the importance of continuous improvement and discipline in personal and professional life, drawing parallels to successful athletes like Kobe Bryant and Steph Curry.

00:25:33 – Building a Legacy
Nick shares his views on leaving a legacy, focusing on helping the less fortunate, impacting the lives of those involved in the business, and maintaining strong family relationships as key components of his legacy.

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