Agility and Rapid Testing: Keys to Launching Winning Products

On the Legacy Podcast this week, Valerio Zanini, the co-founder of Spark Engine and 5D Vision, shared his expertise on driving product innovation and agility. With a background in product management, Zanini’s journey led him to establish Spark Engine, which focuses on teaching product management while fostering innovative thinking. He emphasized the significance of agility, quick iterations, and gathering feedback to drive product success, drawing from his entrepreneurial experiences. Zanini highlighted the ongoing nature of product management and the need for organizations to adapt swiftly, irrespective of their size or industry. His engaging discussion explored the signs indicating a need for improvement, the value of customer feedback, and the impact of legacy in driving innovation and success in business. This episode offers valuable insights for product managers seeking to enhance their product development through rapid feedback iteration, making it essential listening for those aiming to drive innovation and agility in their organizations.


Topics covered in this Episode:

  • Uncover Valerio Zanini’s fascinating entrepreneurship journey.
  • Ignite innovation with Spark Engine’s transformative impact.
  • Embrace agility to thrive in fast-paced markets.
  • Harness valuable feedback for continual product improvement.
  • Leave a lasting impact with strategic legacy-building.


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About Valerio: 

Valerio Zanini has over 20+ years of experience leading product and technology teams across various industries, with the unifying themes of empowering and mentoring those he works with and creating products that customers love. He helps teams learn and master Agile and product management practices. As a Certified Product Innovation Trainer and as a Certified Scrum Trainer, he teaches product management, innovation, and Agile practices to teams and executives.


Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 – Introduction to Spark Engine and 5D Vision
Valerio Zanini explains the premise behind Spark Engine, an organization that helps spark innovation in other organizations through training and coaching in product management and innovation.

00:03:49 – Origin Story of Spark Engine
Valerio shares how his experience in product management led him to start Spark Engine, with a focus on helping experienced professionals grow their skills and drive innovation in product management.

00:08:01 – The Importance of Agility
Valerio discusses the concept of agility as a mindset, emphasizing the need to quickly bring new ideas to market, validate them, and make pivots based on feedback to drive innovation and product success.

00:10:54 – Pivoting Based on Feedback
Valerio shares a personal experience of building an app to solve a common problem, only to realize the need for a major pivot due to user experience challenges, highlighting the importance of ensuring a solution is significantly better than existing options.

00:14:29 – The Future of Product Management
Valerio expresses excitement about the future of product management, highlighting the need to formalize and standardize product management practices across organizations to drive uniformity and growth in the field.

00:16:25 – Signs of Product Management Struggles
Valerio discusses the signs of product management struggles, including product failure and inefficient time to market approaches. He emphasizes the need for agility and faster validation of ideas.

00:18:24 – Company Size and Maturity in Product Management
Valerio explains that the maturity of an organization in product management is not necessarily tied to company size, but rather the industry. Larger technology and financial services companies are often ahead in this area.

00:19:15 – Legacy and Impact
Valerio reflects on the legacy he wants to leave, emphasizing the impact of helping people and companies grow, innovate, and build great products. He aims to make a positive difference rather than just financial success.

00:19:53 – Valerio’s Mission
Valerio shares that his mission is to help others grow and succeed, finding reward in the impact he can have on individuals and their companies. He values the moments when others express gratitude for his guidance and support.

00:20:41 – Connect with Valerio and Spark Engine
Valerio provides information on how to connect with him and learn more about Spark Engine through LinkedIn, the company website, and their YouTube channel “product bytes.” He invites listeners to engage with them for more insights and stories.

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