Changing the World One Move at a Time Through Exceptional Service

In this episode of the Legacy Podcast, host Paul chats with Ron Holt, the founder of Pink Zebra Moving. Ron’s journey into the moving industry was sparked by his family’s negative experience with a moving company, leading him to envision a revolution in the industry. He emphasizes the importance of transparency and education, highlighting Pink Zebra Moving’s commitment to providing an enjoyable customer experience.

Ron’s passion for disrupting the stagnant moving industry and his dedication to creating a lasting impact make this episode a must-listen for entrepreneurs looking to shake up traditional industries and prioritize exceptional customer experiences. From his personal experiences to his vision for Pink Zebra Moving, Ron’s insights offer valuable lessons for those seeking to make a difference in their respective fields. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or simply interested in the dynamics of customer-centric businesses, Ron’s story and approach will leave you inspired and motivated to prioritize transparency and fun in your own ventures.


Topics covered in this Episode:

  • Elevating customer experience
  • Disrupting the moving industry for positive change.
  • Infusing fun and creating memorable moves within the industry.


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About Ron: 

Ron Holt is the Founder of Pink Zebra Moving, a local moving brand that aims to disrupt its industry by delivering a better, more positive customer experience. His brand currently serves 8 markets with plans to open 15-20 new locations per year over the next several years. Prior to starting Pink Zebra Moving, he built a one-location cleaning business into a 83-store residential cleaning brand over the course of nearly 20 years. Ron has been featured on CNBC, Fox News, Cheddar TV, Fortune Magazine, Forbes, Yahoo News, Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc. Magazine.


Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 – Introduces the Business Legacy Podcast and the guest, Ron Holt, founder of Pink Zebra Moving. The host, Paul Dio, sets the stage for the conversation centered around understanding the values, beliefs, and intentions behind leaving a legacy.

00:01:59 – The Birth of Pink Zebra Moving
Ron shares the backstory of how Pink Zebra Moving was born out of negative moving experiences and the desire to disrupt the industry. His personal and family’s negative experiences led him to see an opportunity to make moving better and even fun.

00:07:13 – Creating Systems and Processes in Franchising
Ron discusses the diverse segments involved in the moving business, from customer experience to marketing, administration, and sales. He explains the need to educate and support franchisees, many of whom may not have prior experience in the moving industry.

00:08:51 – Making Moving Fun
Ron shares the vision of Pink Zebra Moving to make moving fun. He details the company’s unique approach, including over-communicating with customers, providing entertainment, personalized gifts, and creating a show-like experience during the move.

00:12:43 – Learning from Past Mistakes
Ron humorously recounts a past decision with the original brand, Two Maids and a Mop, where he sold a franchisee too much territory without understanding the concept of territories in franchising. This decision taught him a valuable lesson in business.

00:13:44 – Lessons Learned from Business Mistakes
Ron reflects on the hard lesson he learned from making quick decisions based on emotion. He discusses the impact it had on his business and the importance of making informed decisions.

00:14:31 – Passion for Home Services
Ron shares his passion for the home services industry, highlighting the demand and opportunities it offers. He emphasizes the potential for innovation and growth within the industry, despite common misconceptions.

00:15:34 – Building a Happy Moving Brand
Ron discusses his vision for Pink Zebra Moving to revolutionize the moving industry by creating a positive and fun customer experience. He aims to leave a legacy of transforming the industry and changing the way people perceive moving companies.

00:16:50 – Changing the World with Customer Experience
Ron expresses his desire to make a significant impact on the moving industry through exceptional customer experience. He emphasizes the traditional approach of creating a positive impact and leaving a lasting legacy.

00:17:12 – How to Connect with Pink Zebra
Ron provides information on how to engage with Pink Zebra Moving, either as a customer or a potential franchisee. He shares the company’s website for booking moving services and franchise opportunities, as well as how to connect with him personally on social media.

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