Watch Video #3: How to sell yourself to my audience! (Yes, you read that right)

In Video #3 above I am going to teach you how to sell to my audience. My job is to make you look good on this show. I want to set you up for success on our show, as well as your future media engagements.

This is similar to what I do when I work with business owners… I provide oversight and guidance for anything that affects their life financially. This goes well beyond the core work. It also includes what I call the emotional side of money. The topic of Legacy falls into this category. Legacy is not just about dollars and cents. That part is important, but more importantly, it is about passing on your values, wisdom, and stories to the next generations. This is what we want to hear from you in the interview. Your stories are what is going to make you sound great and be more relatable to the audience.

I'll point out that sometimes our guests feel anxious. In case you are feeling a bit more anxious than normal about the upcoming interview, don't worry, it is a very normal feeling. Believe it or not, I felt anxious the first time I was live on a show... Truth be told it was the first few shows. Just don't tell my audience. I know how to make things easier for you, so don't worry, I'll take good care of you. Part of my role is to make you feel comfortable so you can show our audience your best.

I will also share how ALL of this helps you when you’re recording videos on YouTube, on social media, and when you’re sending an email to your email list. (btw, your team should be doing your social media for you, but you get the point..!) I want you to teach your team the thought leadership I share on this video. Let them help you more! I hope this serves you.

Next on Video #4, we’re going to talk about how to build a lasting and durable legacy. So definitely pay attention to that!

Video 1. Who is our audience? A little bit  of background about our show

Video 2. How to look and sound ahhh...mazing on video!

Video 4. How to create a meaningful and lasting legacy for you and your company.

Video 5. Questions we'll ask and the style of response that will yield the most views and shares from our audience.

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