Watch Video #5: Questions we will ask you and how to 2x your impact with our audience!

Finally... we made it to the last video in the series! Thank you for your attention during this time.  I know there was a lot to consume, but it will definitely be worth your time to make you look and sound great on our show. This video series was all building up to this last video which will help you maximize your impact with the audience. Now, in this last video, we are going to help you 2x your impact on the show and we will give you the questions we will be asking you in advance to help you prepare.

Everything we do on this show and when we are helping business owners professionally is about making their lives better. This is what gets us out of bed in the morning. We love helping people to make a positive difference in the world.

Be sure to watch this final Video #5 so you are crystal clear on the questions I will ask, how you can prepare in advance, and make the most out of this opportunity! My parting wisdom is that you trust the experience. Do the work that I just described for you in the last several videos.

I cannot wait to hear your episode and share it with our audience. I appreciate your preparation for the show. We’re going to do the same.
See you “on air.”

Paul Dio

Video 1. Who is our audience? A little bit  of background about our show

Video 2. How to look and sound ahhh...mazing on video!

Video 3. How to Sell yourself to my audience on video!

Video 4. How to create a meaningful and lasting legacy for you and your company.

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