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Do you want to take your business to the next level and gain optimum success? Then stay tuned to learn how you can achieve outstanding growth through masterful marketing and personnel development. Lori Raymond is here to share her solution so you can reach your goals!


“If anybody could turn the Titanic around, it was me. I was always up for a good challenge.” – Lori Raymond


This week on Legacy podcast, Paul talks with Lori Raymond.

Introducing Lori Raymond, CEO of Termline Enterprises and a shining example of perseverance in the face of adversity. With a background in sales and manufacturing, Lori took the reins of her late husband’s business and turned it around with her strategic marketing and business growth mindset. Her efforts led to a 350% increase in the company since 2016. Lori attributes her success to learning from and following the advice of successful entrepreneurs like Grant Cardone and Tillman Fertitta.


In this episode, you will find out:

  • Discover the power of mentorship and how learning from successful entrepreneurs can propel your own journey.
  • Recognize your strengths and weaknesses to strategically hire experts that complement your abilities.
  • Develop approaches for prioritizing customer relations, ensuring long-term success and satisfaction.
  • Appreciate your team’s contributions while fostering transparent communication, cementing employee loyalty.
  • Comprehend the significance of strategic marketing and omnipresence to boost business growth exponentially. 

About Lori Raymond:
Lori Raymond is a business owner based in Southern California. Her company, Tourmaline Enterprises, operates in the consumer goods packaging industry, specifically in coding and marking equipment, and she is a licensee of HP’s specialty printing division. With a team of 12 people, 68 national distributors, 12 international distributors, and over 300 end-user customers, Lori’s business has seen impressive growth of over 350% in the past 8 years. With over 35 years of experience in sales and sales management, Lori has held leadership roles in other organizations. She served as President of the Southwest Riverside County Manufacturers Council in 2001 and 2002, as well as Secretary of the Southwest Riverside County Manufacturers Council from 1998-2000. Additionally, she is on the volunteer committee and Advisory Board of Charity for Charity, a local wish-fulfilling organization in the Temecula Valley, and has been involved in raising donations and funds for the organization in excess of $250,000-$300,000 annually for the past 15 years of their 17-year existence. Lori is a cancer survivor of 15 years, a newlywed to an amazing man, a mother of 2 daughters, a grandmother of 3 grandsons, and a driven entrepreneur who faces every challenge head-on. She now helps other women leaders overcome adversity, gain clarity, and thrive in business.


Books mentioned:
Sell or Be Sold

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure

Shut Up and Listen!: Hard Business Truths that Will Help You Succeed

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Chapter Summary below

00:00:00 – Introduction,
Host Paul Dio welcomes Lori Raymond, CEO of Termline Enterprises, to the podcast.

00:01:30 – Getting into the Business,
Raymond shares how she got into the coding and marking industry after being laid off from her previous job, and how she started selling ink and printers.

00:03:08 – Taking on the Struggling Company,
After her late husband passed away, Raymond found herself in charge of a company that was struggling financially. She made the choice to turn it around and has since grown the company by 350%.

00:05:00 – Strengths and Weaknesses,
Raymond discusses her strengths, including being a visionary and excelling at customer relations, and her weaknesses, such as in operations and finance. She emphasizes the importance of knowing your weaknesses and finding people who have more experience in those areas to help you grow your vision.

00:09:49 – Finding Mentors and Learning from Successful People,
Raymond explains that mentors find you when you take action, and emphasizes the importance of listening to successful people and learning from them. She also shares some of her favorite business books, including Grant Cardone’s Ten X Rule and Tillman for Tita’s Shut Up and Listen.

00:17:51 – Investing in Employee Growth,
Lori discusses how Termline invests heavily in employee development, which she believes sets the company apart. She also highlights the value of exit interviews in gaining valuable feedback from departing employees.

00:19:28 – Challenges with Today’s Workforce,
Lori reflects on two employees who left suddenly without explanation or willingness to give feedback. She notes that this behavior is indicative of today’s workforce, but also recognizes the importance of critical feedback in improving processes and the workplace.

00:23:45 – Termline’s Growth Plans,
Lori shares Termline’s plans for significant growth over the next 10 years, aiming to increase their workforce from 13 to 100 employees. She also highlights their current revenue and profitability growth and the importance of investing in marketing.

00:25:00 – Leaving a Legacy,
Lori discusses her desire to leave a lasting legacy through inspiring others to carry on with Termline’s mission statement of intentional solutions and unprecedented service. She believes the company’s unique name, Termline, reflects their growth and potential for the future.

00:27:47 – About Termline,
Lori provides information on Termline’s website and social media platforms, highlighting their focus on coding and marking equipment for packaging factories and their partnership with HP. She also emphasizes their commitment to quality equipment and excellent service.

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