Curating Forever Keepsakes: Selecting Special Jewelry for Moms-To-Be

In this episode of the Legacy Podcast, host Paul Dio interviews Melissa Mor, the founder of Mrs. Push, an Ecom store specializing in jewelry and lifestyle products. Melissa’s journey into the world of push presents stems from her own experience as a mother of three. Faced with the challenge of finding a truly special push present, she realized the lack of a one-stop shop for these meaningful gifts. This sparked a realization that led her to curate a collection of customizable, heirloom-quality pieces. Melissa shares her surprising journey of starting her business, emphasizing the unexpected challenges and rewards she encountered along the way. From underestimating the intricacies of running an Ecom store to the joy of seeing her customers enjoy her products, Melissa’s insights provide a valuable perspective for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. Her passion and dedication for her business shine through as she discusses the complexities of the industry, highlighting the importance of perseverance and adaptability in the face of challenges. If you’re a mother or an aspiring entrepreneur looking for inspiration and valuable insights on balancing entrepreneurship with motherhood, Melissa’s journey and experiences in creating a successful Ecom store make this episode a must-listen. Her vision for Mrs. Push as a brand that leaves a lasting legacy through its meaningful and sentimental products showcases her commitment to creating lasting value for families, making this conversation a valuable resource for those aiming to achieve a similar balance in their lives.


Topics covered in this Episode:

  • Explore effective strategies for expanding product lines in e-commerce and growing your business to new heights.
  • Uncover the significance of push presents in motherhood and how they can add meaningful moments to your journey.
  • Mastering the art of starting an online jewelry business.

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About Melissa: 

Jewelry Founder. Experienced Social Media Manager & Buyer with a demonstrated history of working in the luxury goods and apparel industry. Skilled in Social Media, Content Creation, Trend Analysis, Trend Forecasting, E-commerce, Retail, and Sales. Strong purchasing professional graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology.


Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 – Introducing Mrs. Push
Melissa shares the origin story of Mrs. Push, a one-stop shop for push presents. Her own struggle in finding a special push present led to the creation of her business, catering to the needs of new moms with customizable and curated jewelry pieces.

00:01:52 – Personal Journey with Push Presents
Melissa reflects on her own experiences with push presents, sharing how her husband’s initial gift of money led to the idea of creating a dedicated platform for push presents. She highlights the challenges and overwhelming nature of finding the perfect push present, leading to the inception of Mrs. Push.

00:04:47 – Evolving Product Offerings
Melissa discusses the evolution of her product offerings, initially starting with high-end jewelry and later expanding to include more accessible price points. She also shares insights into the changing trends and customer preferences, leading to the inclusion of men’s jewelry and exploration of other heirloom items.

00:08:31 – Mentorship and Growth
Melissa emphasizes the role of mentorship and continuous learning in her entrepreneurial journey. She shares her experiences working with coaches in the e-commerce space and the value of seeking guidance from successful founders. Additionally, she highlights the significance of podcasts in gaining insights and inspiration for business growth.

00:11:53 – Building a Lasting Legacy
Melissa envisions the future of Mrs. Push, aiming to make push presents as mainstream as engagement rings and expanding into other categories

00:13:32 – Starting an Ecommerce Store
Melissa discusses the surprise of how much goes into running an Ecom store, underestimating it even with prior experience. She emphasizes the complexity of managing all the moving parts.

00:13:52 – Finding Mrs. Push
Melissa shares that her website,, is the hub for all product-related information, while her Instagram offers a lifestyle glimpse. She encourages listeners to check out her website for new inventory.

00:14:08 – Wrapping Up
Paul thanks Melissa for the insightful conversation, and they bid farewell. Melissa’s Mrs. Push brand and her journey are highlighted, leaving a positive and engaging impression.

00:14:35 – Call to Action
Paul encourages listeners to leave a review for the Legacy Podcast and directs them to the website for more information about the hosts and the podcast. The episode ends with a positive message.

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