Building Relationships and Business: Ultimate Entrepreneurial Guide

In this episode of the Legacy Podcast, Paul will speak to Craig Goodliffe CEO of Cyberbacker. Craig has a unique and inspiring story that highlights the significance of prioritizing relationships and maintaining a healthy work-life balance in entrepreneurship. His journey began in 2012 when he posted an ad on Craigslist, seeking someone to help with online postings. Little did he know that this would lead him to a long-lasting partnership with Daphne, who has been by his side for almost eleven years. Recognizing the positive impact he could make in both their lives, Craig founded Cyberbacker in 2018, offering good-paying jobs to individuals and supporting entrepreneurs. He understands the importance of finding the right fit for his clients, going through thousands of applications to select only the best candidates who can deliver a world-class job. Through Cyberbacker, he has not only found personal fulfillment but also created opportunities for others to thrive. Craig’s commitment to nurturing strong relationships and empowering his team is a testament to his leadership and the legacy he is building.


Topics covered in this Episode:

  • The key to finding the perfect fit between business owners and outsourced staff for optimal productivity and growth.
  • Discover the secret behind Cyberbacker’s origin and how it became the go-to outsourcing solution for entrepreneurs.
  • The potential of outsourcing and learn how it can catapult your business to new heights of success.

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About Craig Goodliffe:

Craig Goodliffe is a very cool Dad! He also is a job creator and the Founder/CEO of Cyberbacker. Craig was previously a real estate agent who has been a part of over 1500 transactions. He is also a business coach helping clients earn over 7-figure income. Craig has been on the cover of top 100 US business leaders 2021 and again of top 100 Innovators and Entrepreneurs 2022. He was inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who’s Who Biographical Registry, ranked #6 in Founders and CEO in LA wire, Valiant CEO ranked Craig in their Top 20 Business Leaders, Not to mention, The Wall Street Journal, and a Forbes Business Council member and contributor. Craig believes that where you were born has very little to do with what you can do.


Timestamped Summary of the episode:

00:00:00 – Introduction,
The podcast is introduced as the Business Legacy Podcast, a series of conversations about leaving a lasting impact. The host welcomes Craig Goodliffe, president and founder of Cyberbacker, and asks about the inspiration behind the company.

00:01:14 – Origin of Cyberbacker,
Craig shares how he initially connected with a woman named Daphne from the Philippines to help him post ads online. Their collaboration led to the realization of the impact outsourcing could have on both their lives. This led to the launch of Cyberbacker in 2018, providing good paying jobs to remote workers.

00:02:19 – Finding the Right Fit,
Craig explains that for clients, Cyberbacker’s services are always the right fit if they need assistance with tasks that don’t require a license or physical presence. However, the hiring process for Cyberbackers is rigorous, with only a small percentage of applicants being selected for their world-class abilities.

00:03:41 – Outsourcing Success Story,
Craig shares a success story where Cyberbackers were able to significantly improve a wedding venue business. Through expertise in social media advertising, personalized customer service, and financial management, the business was able to more than double its events and thrive under new management.

00:06:03 – Career Background,
Before founding Cyberbacker, Craig had a successful real estate business where he employed remote staff from the Philippines. The success of his real estate business inspired him to focus his interests on creating job

00:13:23 – Favorite Simple Day with Son,
Craig shares his favorite and simplest day with his son, where they dress up like superheroes and use household items to fight imaginary villains. This activity doesn’t cost anything and creates lasting memories.

00:14:29 – Importance of Relationships,
Craig emphasizes the importance of relationships in all aspects of life. He believes that if you prioritize relationships and get them right, everything else will fall into place. Relationships should never be compromised for money or success.

00:15:32 – Personal Growth through Challenges,
Craig opens up about a challenging period in his life when his house caught fire, his new home flooded, and his wife asked for a separation. Through these experiences, he learned the consequences of prioritizing work over family and the importance of personal growth.

00:17:03 – Advice for Entrepreneurs,
Craig advises entrepreneurs to set expectations with their spouses and communicate their vision for building something great. Having a supportive spouse who understands the sacrifices and challenges of entrepreneurship is crucial for success.

00:18:12 – Leaving a Legacy,
Craig shares that it’s possible to leave a great legacy and live a fulfilling life by sticking to simple values. He encourages listeners to prioritize relationships, personal growth, and enjoyment in their pursuit of success.

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