Building a Harmonious Multigenerational Workforce: Damon Lembi’s Expert Advice

This week on the Legacy Podcast, you’ll hear from Damon Lembi, the CEO of Learnit and author of The Learn It All Leader. Damon shares his personal journey from being a receptionist to becoming a CEO, and how that experience shaped his understanding of the different roles within a company. He also discusses the valuable lessons he learned from his baseball coaches, which he applies to his leadership approach at Learnit. The conversation focuses on managing intergenerational talent effectively and adapting to the changing expectations of younger employees. Damon provides insights on bridging the generation gap, balancing work-life expectations, and the importance of continuous learning. Whether you’re a manager or leader seeking to create a harmonious work environment or looking to navigate the complexities of a multi-generational workforce, this episode offers valuable insights and strategies.


Topics covered in this Episode:

  • Learn how to balance work-life and create a flexible workplace that meets the changing expectations of different generations.
  • Adapt your management style to meet the unique needs and preferences of different generations in your team.
  • Gain insights on effective leadership strategies for managing intergenerational talent and fostering a harmonious work environment.


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About Damon:

For nearly three decades, I’ve led Learnit through the ever-changing L&D landscape, gaining insight into what works, how great leaders learn, and why learn-it-all companies outpace their competition. Coming to business from a career in baseball, I bring an athlete’s perspective on leadership and training to my informal mentoring of executives. I’ve distilled those hard-won insights into my bestselling book, The Learn-It-All Leader—Mindset, Traits, and Tools. When I’m not working, you can find me making memories with my family, reading, seeing as much live music as possible, watching movies and ballgames, and walking Sausalito with my sidekick, Pablo the Puggle.

Timestamped summary of this episode:

00:00:00 – Introduction
He welcomes Damon Lembi, CEO of Learnit, and discusses the focus on learning in entrepreneurship.

00:01:10 – Damon’s Journey to LearnIt
Damon shares his journey from wanting to be a Major League Baseball player to joining LearnIt, his father’s corporate training business. He started as a receptionist and worked his way up to become CEO, learning different aspects of the business along the way.

00:03:22 – Lessons Learned from Baseball
Damon reflects on the lessons he learned from playing baseball and how they shaped his approach to leadership. He emphasizes the importance of setting high goals, holding people accountable, celebrating success, and taking ownership of mistakes.

00:05:53 – Core Courses for Effective Learning
LearnIt focuses on helping organizations invest in their employees and offers courses on topics such as new manager skills and communication styles between different generations. They also provide training for the hybrid work environment.

00:06:59 – Facilitating Communication in Remote Work
Damon advises setting clear goals and managing towards outcomes rather than tracking people’s work hours. He also highlights the advantage of hiring talent outside of the local area in a remote work setting. Overcommunication and clear communication on goals and objectives are essential.

00:15:06 – The Learn It All Leader
Damon Lembi mentions his book “The Learn It All Leader” available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

00:15:19 – Similar Challenges
Paul and Damon discuss the challenges of dealing with intergenerational talent and finding a balance between remote work and office work.

00:15:57 – Working with Different Generations
Damon shares that four out of every five conversations he has with leaders revolve around working with different generations and the clash between legacy and newer mindsets.

00:16:31 – Adjusting to Change
Paul and Damon highlight the importance of adjusting to changing times and finding ways to adapt to new work expectations and preferences.

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