Bridging Cultural Divides: Fairlane Raymundo’s Mission to Promote Asian Culture

Fairlane Raymundo, a passionate entrepreneur and lover of Asian culture, shares her inspiring journey of self-discovery and the realization of the beauty in her own heritage on the Legacy Podcast. After moving to the US, Fairlane initially felt disconnected from her Filipino roots, but through embracing cross-cultural experiences, she discovered the beauty in her heritage. Her transformative journey led her to establish a company promoting Asian aesthetics, music, and art, bridging Western and Asian cultures. Emphasizing the importance of family in Asian culture, Fairlaine’s story highlights the power of embracing one’s heritage for greater cultural understanding. Through her work, she’s dedicated to raising awareness of Asian culture and providing a platform for Asian artists to shine.”


Topics covered in this Episode:

  • Discover the inspiring stories of Filipino women entrepreneurs and learn how they’ve overcome challenges to create successful businesses.
  • Delve into the world of NFTs and fractional ownership, understanding how these innovative concepts are reshaping the art and collectibles market, with implications for Asian culture and beyond.
  • Gain valuable insights from the journey of entrepreneurship and the power of mentorship, learning from experienced individuals who have navigated the highs and lows of starting and running businesses.



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About Fairlane: 

Fairlane is an artist and an enterpreneur. She is a professional scriptwriter, comic book artist, and writer. She is about to release the first Asian-mythology centered graphic novel NFT and Metaverse. She has been recently featured in LA Weekly: She founder and CEO of Rayco media, a PR and marketing company specializing in small businesses and new products and personal brands. She has more than 20 years of experience working on blue-chip brands and startup companies and celebrities. She is also the CEO and founder of the multi-media publication Asian Entertainment and Culture. It started out as a personal YouTube blog but her audience has encouraged her to spearhead the creation of a credible and reliable media company that will promote the awareness, appreciation, understanding, and advancement of Asian arts, entertainment, and culture. Check out some of the movies she has written on her IMDB page (link below) and her soon-to-be-released graphic novel based on Asian mythology

Timestamped summary of this episode:

00:01:18 – Identifying as an Entrepreneur
Fairlane Raymundo shares that she always had an affinity for business but truly identified as an entrepreneur when she moved to the US about five years ago. She found her vision and began taking steps towards becoming a CEO.

00:03:12 – Reconnecting to Filipino Roots
Fairlane explains how leaving the Philippines made her appreciate her culture and the value of family connections. She realized that the family-oriented nature of Asian culture is something she now values and believes others can benefit from.

00:06:40 – Undervalued Characteristics
Fairlane reflects on how she used to rebel against the expectation of family support and traditions in the Philippines. However, she now values the strong connection and emotional support that comes from putting family first.

00:08:08 – Transitioning to PR and Marketing
Fairlane discusses how her career in marketing evolved from just a job to a passion. She recognized the beauty and value of Asian aesthetics and culture and realized that marketing was the best way to communicate and share that appreciation with others.

00:10:39 – Early Projects and Company Formation
Fairlane shares her early experiences in the marketing industry, starting with small projects referred to her by a mentor. Her first major project was creating an online retail store for beauty products. This led her mentor to encourage her to incorporate her own company for long-term success.

00:15:34 – The Potential of NFTs for Global Investment
NFTs can enable global investment in creative projects, allowing people from any part of the world to invest in ideas and movies without needing to physically be there. However, NFTs currently have a bad reputation due to issues in the digital art space.

00:16:47 – Best Business Decision: Just Start
Fairlane’s best business decision was to start despite not feeling fully prepared. He believes that no amount of preparation can fully prepare you for starting a business, so it’s important to just take the leap.

00:17:42 – The Power of Putting Yourself Out There
Fairlane describes himself as a kingmaker, someone who helps others achieve success. Putting himself out there and becoming visible online was a terrifying decision, but it also brought credibility and allowed him to stand by his word.

00:19:10 – Learning from Mistakes: Legalities and Financial Planning
Fairlane’s biggest mistake was not paying attention to legalities and government letters when he first started in the US. He also learned the importance of financial planning and prioritizing his own financial stability before helping others.

00:21:06 – Legacy and Appreciation for Asian Culture
Fairlane’s legacy goal is to increase awareness and appreciation for Asian culture. He wants to help bridge the language divide in Asia and create products that make it easier for people to understand and appreciate Asian culture beyond language barriers.

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