Post Show Wrap up: Great Interview! Looking forward to continuing our conversation.

Thanks for being a guest on our show!

I know our audience will really love hearing your story as they consider their own legacy. Our job is to help you create an amazing experience for our audience across all our platforms and for our audience to get to know you better. I would also ask that you share this content with your marketing team so you can promote this to your audience once it is released. Have them contact my team if you have any questions. You will receive an email from our operations manager, Jane with additional details.

Being a guest on podcasts can be life-changing. We do zero advertising. Our primary goal here is to serve our audience. This philosophy has helped Paul grow his influence during his career.

I'm also looking forward to our follow-up call to learn more about your legacy as well as any collaborations that might exist.

We are grateful for your participation and partnership in making this a remarkable episode!

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