Truth and Technology: Instilling Honesty While Modernizing Service Companies

Peter Wasmer’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the power of curiosity and the willingness to embrace discomfort. Growing up in an entrepreneurial household, Peter’s early exposure to the ups and downs of business ignited a passion for carving his own path. From a traditional financial services job to venturing into equipment leasing, Peter’s career took unexpected turns. His leap into the world of motorcycle leasing, driven by an inherent curiosity, led to the establishment of Chrome Capital and the subsequent revolutionizing of the service business with ProValet. Embracing the discomfort of unpredictability, Peter’s story showcases the impact of valuing authenticity and leveraging one’s expertise to spearhead innovation. As he delved into uncharted territory, his journey exemplifies the rewards of challenging the status quo and embracing change for impactful entrepreneurial success.


In this episode, we cover:

  • How to build a highly successful equipment leasing business.

  • Peter’s journey of launching a motorcycle leasing company.

  • The power of revolutionizing service businesses with automation for sustainable growth.

  • The impact of honesty in both family and business for lasting success

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About Peter: 

Peter Wasmer is a long time Naples, Florida-based entrepreneur who helps pragmatic small business owners manage like a pro. He understands both sides of the business coin and uses his deep experience to bring constant innovation to small businesses. He’s the first to say that his talents are based on a keen understanding of the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. Never happy working for someone else, he has used his skills in numerous endeavors, from a clothing line to equipment leasing to app-building. Being a serial entrepreneur doesn’t always mean being successful; he admits that his clothing line “failed miserably.” But the entrepreneurs who make it are the ones who dust themselves off and get back to work. “You’re driven by your own dreams,” he says. “You’re not driven by somebody else telling you what to do.” Highlights of his 25+ year career trajectory include: Managing sales and marketing at Somerset Capital Group, an independent equipment leasing company with a portfolio of more than $650M, ultimately exiting with a sale of the business in December 2007. Building Chrome Capital into a national finance platform that transformed powersports by getting more riders on more Harleys, a business he launched in 2011 with less than five staff members and expanded to a 50-person matrixed cross-functional team by 2016, serving over 1000 powersports dealers across the country. Introducing the app to help RISC™ (Regular Interval Service Companies) business owners put more time and more money back into their lives via easy-to-use technology. The app streamlines scheduling & dispatching, automates invoicing & collection, effortlessly drives customer interaction, and offers other processes to help companies focus their energies on more life affirming tasks.

Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 – Introduction and Entrepreneurial Background

00:04:18 – Transition to Pro Valet

00:07:39 – Pro Valet and Business Process Automation

00:11:11 – Early Adopters and Impact

00:14:16 – Key Decision and Lessons Learned

00:14:52 – Overcoming Financial Struggles

00:16:47 – Evolution of Leadership Style

00:18:08 – Gratification in Creating Value

00:19:41 – Alternative Career Path

00:21:04 – Legacy and Values

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