Transforming Sales Strategies: Customer Value and Pricing

The secrets of distinguished leadership and pricing strategies with Brian Doyle, President and CEO of Holden Advisors, in our latest Business Legacy Podcast episode. Learn how Brian’s transition from an Air Force pilot to a business leader has shaped his unique approach to defining missions and managing diverse teams. He shares his insightful journey from a Six Sigma role at GE Capital to mastering customer-oriented sales and marketing, emphasizing the importance of problem-solving and customer engagement in driving business value.

Discover the art of developing value-based pricing strategies in the B2B realm. Brian offers a deep dive into analyzing transactional data, understanding market competition, and conducting customer interviews to reveal true pricing power. Gain practical tips on training sales teams to effectively communicate value and manage dynamic pricing. Hear inspiring client success stories that highlight the necessity of firm boundaries and empowering teams to achieve remarkable results. This episode is packed with essential lessons on evolving leadership styles and creating a lasting business legacy—don’t miss out!


Topics covered in this Episode:

  • Learn the importance of analyzing transactional data, understanding market competition, and conducting customer interviews to uncover true pricing power.
  • Find out the secret to evolving leadership styles and the importance of empowering teams to enhance performance.
  • Brian shares his strategies management, for effectively navigating organizational emphasizing the change, drawing from his experiences and challenges of in both military and defining missions corporate environments.

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About Brian: 

Brian is the President and CEO of Holden Advisors. As an executive coach, Brian improves his client’s revenue and profitability through building strategic and cross-functional relationships, driving positive change and bottom-line results across client organizations. Under Brian’s leadership, his clients and business units have earned an extra $2B in new business, doubled their market share, and reduced commercial expenses by 20%. Brian’s leadership experience began as a US Air Force pilot where he commanded 31 combat missions in Kosovo and transported the Presidential motorcade around the world. As a keynote speaker and Rutgers Business School professor, Brian is also a recognized expert in helping organizations lead and communicate with the five different generations in today’s workforce. He is the author of Gray Goldfish – Navigating the Gray Areas to Successfully Lead Every Generationand regularly speaks on the topics of leadership, customer experience, crisis management, and negotiation. Brian received a BS in Astrophysics from the US Air Force Academy and an MS in Engineering Systems Management from St. Mary’s University. Brian is also certified in Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma and General Electric’s Train the Trainer Courses.


Timestamped summary of this episode:

Chapter 1

Leadership Transition in Business Legacy


This chapter features an engaging conversation with Brian Doyle, President and CEO of Holden Advisors, as he shares his journey from being an Air Force pilot to a business leader. We explore the differences and similarities between military leadership and commercial business management, including the challenges of defining missions and managing diverse teams. Brian discusses his transition from a process-focused Six Sigma role at GE Capital to customer-oriented sales and marketing, emphasizing the importance of problem-solving and customer engagement. His insights provide a unique perspective on leadership and creating value in various environments.

Chapter 2

Developing Value-Based Pricing Strategies


This chapter focuses on understanding price and value, particularly in the B2B space, where companies aim to develop effective pricing strategies. We explore the process of analyzing transactional data, market competition, and conducting in-depth customer interviews to uncover true customer values and determine pricing power. The importance of training sales teams to articulate value and manage dynamic pricing is emphasized. We also discuss selecting the right client profiles for pricing strategies and challenge assumptions about customer price sensitivity, distinguishing between genuine price buyers and those who may be bluffing.

Chapter 3

Changing Leadership Style and Legacy


This chapter examines the evolution of leadership and its significance within corporate settings. We highlight the often-underestimated importance of leadership in enhancing team performance and the need for leaders to focus on empowering their teams. Drawing from personal experiences, we discuss how adopting a more inclusive and patient approach to decision-making can lead to better outcomes. We share a compelling client success story about doubling prices without losing customers and another about negotiating a favorable partnership deal by maintaining firm boundaries. Lastly, we touch on the legacy goals of Holden Advisors, emphasizing the importance of equipping clients with the skills to confidently charge for the value they deliver.

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