Rewind Episode: Are you putting the right people in the right place and at the right time?

This is one of my favorite episodes so I wanted to bring it back for you all to take a listen.


Explore the artistry behind the buildings we live and work in with Bill Baker, principal of MSA Design. In this episode, Bill shares his journey in architecture, shaped by Midwestern values and a diverse career. He discusses the connection between communities and the structures they value, emphasizing the importance of matching the right talent to the right project.

Bill also talks about the complexities of working with clients and the skills needed for effective architectural communication. Drawing from his experience in family business and the hospitality industry, he offers insights on customer engagement and team collaboration, especially in educational and sports architecture.

Listen as Bill reflects on the evolution of sports architecture and the importance of creating spaces that bring people together. He shares his thoughts on professional growth, adaptability, and the lasting impact of architectural legacy. Tune in to understand the significance of building for future generations.


Topics covered in this Episode:

  • Understand the importance of placing the right people in the right roles at optimal times in architectural projects.
  • Explore the concept of legacy in architecture and the fulfillment derived from witnessing community engagement with buildings.
  • Gain insights into the value of customer service skills and lessons learned from working in a family-owned business, particularly in managing relationships and handling challenges in architectural design and construction.


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About Bill: 

Bill is an Architect, Principal, and one of three Owners at MSA Design – a national architecture, interiors, and graphic design firm headquartered in Downtown Cincinnati with offices in Central Ohio and Florida. In addition to his role on the Executive Board of MSA, one of his key professional passions is MSA Sport, the athletic design practice of the firm and a “Top Twenty” Sports Architecture firm in the United States. Bill has over two decades of experience on the design of indoor and outdoor athletic venues for colleges, cities, high schools, and professional teams. Bill led the MSA Sport team on the recently completed FC Cincinnati Mercy Health Training Center – hailed as the “premier soccer training complex in North America.” Bill is actively working on sports projects at multiple NCAA institutions including The Ohio State University, Centre College, Miami University, and the University of Cincinnati. In addition to current MSA Sport work, he serves clients in the K-12, Higher Education, Community, and Mixed Use/Commercial markets. Bill’s passion for community is evident in his current and past involvement with multiple community boards and organizations including the Cincinnati 2026 World Cup Local Organizing Committee, Cincinnati USA Sports Commission, Blue Ash YMCA Advisory Board, Ball State University Department of Architecture Professional Advisory Board, Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church Board of Trustees, Charter Committee of Cincinnati, and the Pleasant Ridge Community Council. He is a native of the small Central Ohio town of Sparta, a 10+ year cancer survivor, and passionate about the ability of architects to leave a civic legacy in the communities they serve. Bill graduated with Honors from the Ball State University Estopinal College of Architecture and Planning in Muncie, Indiana where he earned the Alpha Rho Chi Service Medal from the Department of Architecture. Bill and his wife Amanda are raising three children and reside in Cincinnati’s Mount Lookout neighborhood.


00:00 Introduction to the Episode

01:26 Guest Introduction: Bill Baker of MSA Designs

01:30 Journey into Architecture

03:27 The Role of Architecture in Building Legacies

07:18 The Craft of Aligning Teams with Client Vision

29:30 Navigating Architectural Career with Personal Growth

36:13 Concluding Thoughts on Legacy

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