Reclaiming Architectural History: How David Supple is Revolutionizing Design and Construction

David Supple, an architect and master builder, seeks to challenge the status quo of the architecture industry by releasing a free ebook illuminating the ironic truth that architects historically have been master builders.


In this podcast, host Paul Dio interviews David Supple, the CEO of New England Design and Construction. The company specializes in whole home, higher end remodeling, renovations, additions, and new construction. He is an expert in the history of the separation of architects and builders and is publishing a book on the topic.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How did the separation of accountability between architects and builders create issues in the construction industry?
  2. How technology bridges the gap between design and execution in the construction industry?
  3. How does the free ebook “Classical Architectures African Roots” reveal the truth about the connection between the architect and builder?

About David Supple: 

David Muñiz Supple is an author, humanitarian, founder and CEO. A graduate of Tufts Architecture, David leads New England Design & Construction – one of Boston’s top luxury Architectural Design Build creative firms with a focus on sustainable home design and construction. Winner of Best of Boston 2022 for Architectural Design Build as well as Modern Luxury Top 50 in Design, NEDC has been servicing clients across Boston and Metrowest since 2005. NEDC additionally invests heavily in community service and works closely with the G-Code House and Room to Dream Foundation to change young lives across Boston. 

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