Outwork the Problem: From Military Officer to Data Protection Visionary

What fuels the extraordinary journey from an unfocused youth to a driven adult who co-founded a leading data protection company? This episode of the Business Legacy we unravel the story behind Stacey Hayes, co-founder and EVP of Assured Data Protection. You’ll learn how Stacey’s early years in North Carolina, a transformative stint in the Navy, and his experiences in IT services laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial success. Discover the pivotal moments that led to aligning with OEM partners like Rubrik and the relentless commitment to operational excellence that propelled Assured Data Protection.

Stacey offers a candid look at the challenges of transitioning from a generalist role to a specialist environment, highlighting the intense growth and dedication required. Whether it’s the complexities of convincing customers to take significant risks or the vital importance of a strong team, this episode underscores the essence of hard work and the role of people in sustained business success. Tune in for an unforgettable journey of resilience, passion, and legacy-building.

Episode Highlights

  • Early Life and Career Path: Stacey recounts his formative years in North Carolina, his education at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and his service in the Navy. He shares his experiences working on a 500-foot ship and his role as a White House liaison officer for the Secretary of the Navy.
  • Transition to Civilian Life: After leaving the Navy, Stacey settled in Washington, D.C., where he discovered his passion for IT services and data protection. He highlights the challenges and opportunities of running a business in a high-cost, talent-rich area.
  • Entrepreneurial Journey: Stacey describes how he co-founded DS3 Data Vaulting, a company that was later acquired by Verizon. He explains the lessons learned from this venture and how they paved the way for his current company, Assured Data Protection.
  • Founding Assured Data Protection: Stacey discusses the inception of Assured Data Protection in 2016, built around the innovative Rubrik platform. He emphasizes their commitment to operational excellence and a strong go-to-market strategy.
  • Challenges of Building a Business: Stacey reflects on the difficulties of starting a company, especially the Herculean effort required to secure the first few sales. He shares his philosophy of “outworking the problem” and the importance of perseverance.


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About Stacy: 

Stacy Hayes is the Co-Founder and EVP, Americas at Assured Data Protection. At Assured Data Protection, Stacy has had a major impact on the company, which today is Rubrik’s largest and oldest global managed service provider. More specifically, Stacy has helped the company grow its number of managed sites to more than 1,000 in more than 50 countries; gained customers in a wide range of commercial segments, including financial services, legal, and pharmaceuticals; led the company to employ over 100 full-time team members, with twin HQs in Virginia (US) and Leeds (UK); and consistently win accolades, such as Rubrik’s 2023 Global Partner Award for MSP Partner of the Year. Stacy is a former US Navy Officer who has founded and held numerous senior channel roles. Before joining Assured Data Protection in 2016, Stacy was Vice President, of Channels & Alliances for Virtustream, a leader in the enterprise cloud management software sector. Stacy started with DS3 DataVaulting, a company he founded to deliver Backup as a Service in the early 2000s. As President, he led DS3 through a successful acquisition by Terremark in 2009. He remained in a business development role through their acquisition by Verizon in 2011. After this, Stacy ran U.S. Civilian sales for Terremark’s Federal Division, leaving the company in 2013 to join Virtustream. |


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