James Broyhill – Heritage Handcrafted

This week we interview #53: James Broyhill of Heritage Handcrafted about how he created his business his vision and his legacy through his company Heritage Handcrafted. He pays homage to his family through his unique furniture pieces out of wood.

About James Broyhill:

In 1926, in the small town of Lenoir, North Carolina, a man of humble beginnings founded a small chair manufacturing company. That man, James Edgar Broyhill, turned that small business into a furniture empire that today exists as one of the largest furniture brands in the industry.

Four generations later, on a Sunday afternoon, James Thomas Broyhill II was tinkering in the workshop attached to his home in Charlotte, North Carolina. An old Jack Daniel’s barrel sat amongst the sawdust, camouflage waders, shotgun shells and various bits of nostalgia. Curious to see how the wood staves fit together, James began hammering off the galvanized iron hoops from aroud the belly of that barrel. With the basic knowledge of woodworking taught to him by his maternal grandfather, he constructed his first piece of furniture.

In an age of mass-production and assembly line construction, James Broyhill is finding his place in a growing artisanal movement. While his craft pays homage to his bloodline, his authenticity and ingenuity are the soul of Heritage Handcrafted.

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