Insoo Park – Ecosense, Inc.

This week we interview #69: Insoo Park of Ecosense, Inc about helping to reduce cancer, the reason why he got into his business, and his turning point.

About Insoo Park:

A strategic business executive with a proven track record spanning more than 25 years, Insoo Park is the Founder and CEO of Ecosense. As a key sales and business development executive, he has been an integral component of three silicon valley start-up companies – all of which have either gone public or been acquired by publicly traded companies. With Ikanos Communications, Insoo served as a territorial sales director for all of Asia and North America. After Ikanos successfully completed their initial public offering in 2005, Insoo served as a Vice President with Teknovus, which was acquired by Broadcom in 2010.  In 2014, he joined SiTime as a Vice President of Strategic Sales.  SiTime completed its IPO in 2019 and Insoo founded Ecosense with the goal of empowering consumers to lead a safe and healthy lifestyle free from the life-threatening dangers posed by Radon gas by delivering detection results accurately and quickly.  He has authored an article for Lake Oconee Health, and his company has been featured in Benzinga, The Digital Journal, and San Francisco Post, among others.

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