From Apparel to Sustainability: How Marc Garson Found His Business Calling

In today’s conversation with Marc Garson, founder of Ibrands Global, to uncover the valuable insights garnered from his 40 years of entrepreneurial experience. Marc’s journey from the apparel industry to sustainability products provides a rich tapestry of lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. His ability to thrive during economic downturns, emphasis on customer-centric business practices, and insights into managing family dynamics within a business setting offer a wealth of wisdom. From overcoming financial challenges to transitioning business focus, Marc’s story not only inspires but also equips listeners with practical strategies for sustainable business success. By implementing Marc’s insights, aspiring entrepreneurs can gain a deeper understanding of building a legacy in business, overcoming financial challenges, prioritizing customer satisfaction, transitioning business focus, and managing family dynamics in business operations. Whether you’re seeking to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship or aiming to leave a positive impact on the world through your business endeavors, this episode is a treasure trove of invaluable lessons that can steer you towards long-term success.


In this episode, we cover:

  • How to overcome financial challenges with practical advice from an experienced entrepreneur.
  • Discover the crucial role of customer satisfaction in achieving business success.
  • Explore the transition from apparel to sustainability products for a thriving business.

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About Marc: 

Marc Garson is the Founder & Chairman of IBrands Global and an experienced manufacturing and retail industry veteran. As a supply chain pioneer in Asia, Marc established extensive sourcing, manufacturing and logistics operations connecting China, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam to the US market, enabling total exports to exceed $3 billion throughout his career.

Marc and his companies have owned or licensed world-renowned brand assets including Harley Davidson, Sketchers, BCBG, bebe, FUBU, Superdry, Naf Naf, Brookstone, Rocawear, Lucky Brand, XOXO and Echo, amongst many others. He regularly supplies industries spanning fashion, health & wellness, food service and safety products and works with the country’s leading retailers and distributors.


Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 – Setting the Stage
The host sets the stage for the conversation, highlighting the purpose of the podcast and the significance of leaving a legacy. Financial advice is emphasized and the guest’s expertise in supply chain is introduced.

00:01:21 – Early Entrepreneurial Journey
Marc Garson shares his early entrepreneurial ambitions and the challenges he faced growing up without a father. He highlights his diverse work experiences and the impact they had on shaping his business mindset.

00:08:43 – Thriving in Downturns
Marc discusses his surprising success during economic downturns and how he leveraged creativity and newness to thrive in challenging times. He shares an inspiring story of breaking into the fashion industry during a currency crisis and achieving significant success.

00:12:23 – Sources of Inspiration
The conversation shifts to Marc’s sources of inspiration, drawing from his sports background and learning from successful business individuals. He emphasizes the importance of learning from failures and the insights gained from social media and successful peers.

00:15:41 – Balancing Family and Business
Marc provides valuable advice on managing family dynamics within a business, emphasizing the importance of clear roles and a democratic decision-making process. He shares insights on building a harmonious family-business dynamic based on defined responsibilities and open communication.

00:17:41 – Family Business Challenges
Marc discusses the challenges of running a family business and his goal to change the trajectory of the Garson family for his sons. He emphasizes their hard work and education.

00:18:32 – Personal Legacy
Marc shares his desire to leave a legacy of helping people, being a good person, and creating something special. He talks about transitioning his business focus to sustainability and environmentally friendly products.

00:19:49 – Impact During Pandemic
Marc highlights the positive impact his company had during the pandemic by supplying natural gloves and removing toxic sanitizer. He expresses his desire to leave a legacy of doing good for the world and changing people’s lives.

00:20:24 – Family Business Continuity
Marc expresses his hope that his family can continue to build a good company and make a positive mark on the world. He shares information about his various companies and products.

00:21:29 – Closing Remarks
The host, Paul Dio, thanks Marc for the insightful conversation and encourages listeners to leave a review. He also provides information on where to find more about the podcast and its co-hosts.

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