Favorite Stories of Legacy

In episode 99 Paul showcases his 9 favorite guest stories. Throughout the year we have been gifted with sharing insights, failures, and successes from our wonderful guests. Sit back and enjoy.

  • Ep 35. making a Better Future with Bias’ John Ezzell
  • Ep 46. Multifamily Investment solutions with Freeland Ventures’ Josh Cantnell
  • Ep 65. What is your relationship with Risk? Jeff Sampson
  • Ep 79. How do you Spark Brilliance? Jackie Insinger
  • Ep 45. Human discrepancies with Capitalogix’s Howard Getson
  • Ep 72. What if you could build a legacy by being in nature? Andrew Drummond
  • Ep 68. Are you the Gazelle of the Lion? Stephan Nalley
  • Ep 67. What would happen if you wrote yourself a check? Bart Wilson.



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