Ep 115: Unpacking Healthcare Industry Dynamics with Roy Bejarano on Business Legacy Podcast

“The source of wealth for this country and the whole world is not how much money do we spend, but how much value do we create?” Roy Bejaroano In this podcast, host Paul Dio interviews Roy Bejarano is the CEO and Co-founder of Scale Healthcare, a rapidly growing consulting firm focused exclusively on healthcare services. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry and has launched three entrepreneurial endeavors.

Roy Bejarano learned about the healthcare industry dynamics through his work as a consultant and investor. Through his experience, he saw the potential for a cheaper and better way to provide care and identified an imbalance in the market. Despite the hardships brought on by COVID-19, Roy saw the industry remain resilient and innovative, driven by government support and investment from the private sector. With thoughtful regulation, Roy believes the industry will continue to be successful and attract legacy-level individuals who can have a large impact in their communities.


In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How does the US healthcare system benefit from the government’s response to COVID-19?
  2. What innovations are being made in the healthcare industry?
  3. What makes a successful legacy in healthcare?

About Roy Bejarano:

Roy Bejarano is the Co-Founder and CEO of SCALE Healthcare. SCALE provides both the broadest and deepest range of solutions available to healthcare management teams today, based on our fundamental belief that narrow, and/or purely theoretical solutions can’t solve for multidisciplinary challenges.

Under Roy’s leadership, SCALE Healthcare was named the #1 Fastest Growing Firm in the US by Consulting Magazine in 2022. Since the firm was founded in 2019, Roy has interacted with several hundred multi-site provider-based organizations across the majority of U.S. and financial institutions that provide investment capital to these rapidly evolving healthcare management platforms. He is particularly focused on MSO and practice level operations as well as broad strategic and competitive dynamics across the country’s healthcare services landscape.

Previously, Roy was the Co-Founder and President of Frontier Healthcare, which was the largest ASC management company in New York at the time of its sale to Physicians Endoscopy. Roy served as Physicians Endoscopy’s Chief Strategy Officer & Co-President of Physicians Endoscopy’s MSO initiative, where he co-led the firm towards its inaugural physician practice MSO partnership transaction with Capital Digestive Care.

Prior to entering healthcare, Roy had 12 years of investment banking, private equity, corporate development, strategic consulting, and asset management experience across Beige Group, where he was Co-Founder & CEO, Houlihan Lokey, and Citigroup/Salomon Smith Barney.

Roy is a frequent author of articles on healthcare industry trends and operational insights that have been published in business publications such as Fast Company and leading healthcare trade publications such as Physicians Practice, EndoEconomics, Beckers, and ASC Focus. He is an experienced public speaker having presented at many healthcare conferences including the McDermott Will & Emery Physician Practice Management & ASC Symposium, the McGuire Woods Annual Healthcare Private Equity Conference, the NY Metro ASC Symposium, the NJAASC Conference, Columbia Business School, and the Columbia Mailman School of Public Health.

Roy attended the Columbia School of Business and the University of Manchester. He currently sits on the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management Advisory Board at Columbia Business School.

Connect with Roy here:
Website: https://www.scale-healthcare.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/roy-bejarano-a5669ba8/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scalehealthcareeducation/

Connect with Paul
Website: https://innovativewealth.com/
Instagram: https://businesslegacypodcast.com/

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Chapter Summary Below



Roy Bejarano is CEO and co founder of Scale Healthcare. Scale is a rapidly growing consulting plus focused exclusively on healthcare services. This is entrepreneurial endeavor number three for Roy. The whole ecosystem of providing care to patients is multilayered.


What minimum viable problem or solution did you identify as you pivoted over from your boutique financial practice over to healthcare? The solution that identified was cheaper, the better way of delivering procedures in the form of what’s called a surgeon center.


We’re now on the third wave of change since I launched the business. Every new wave creates its own new set of dynamics and new test hurdles. From an economic standpoint, arguably it’s mostly gone right. Businesses returned to somewhat normal.


High interest rates and inflation represent unanticipated added costs. Companies budgets are shrinking to the extent that money is going towards wage increases. The source of wealth for this country and the whole world is not how much money do we spend, but how much value do we create?


Where do you think the biggest opportunity for innovation in healthcare is? And then why is it so difficult to innovate in healthcare? Healthcare has been innovating since the days of the Greeks. There’s no shortage of investment in healthcare.


When you define legacy, what do you think of and then what type of legacy would you like to leave for yourself? Entrepreneurs are motivated to have a meaningful, positive impact on as many people as possible. It’s sort of that business plan.


Most graduates today are looking to gather information for entrepreneurial purposes, consulting and banking. The nature of banking is perverse because fundamentally it’s brokerage. But gathering that information and then thinking about what to do with it, you become truly the entrepreneur.


The entrepreneur is motivated to be of service no different than a doctor or a teacher. What fuels that level of commitment is more than where can I make the most money. The ones that make a real difference in this world are completely compulsive about it.


All right. Thank you so much. Thank, Paul. Bye.

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