Ep 108: How Does Truth in Tough Times Build Character and a Legacy?

“If I could motivate one person to take action for themselves, then I did good.” – Victor Peña

In this episode Paul speaks with Victor Peña the CEO and founder of Omniprint International,  a company that helps creators with print on demand solutions. He is a recovering engineer and real estate investor who came from Mexico at seven years old and is committed to helping others achieve their goals.

Here’s what Victor Peña and I cover:

  1. How to transition from being a trade worker to an entrepreneur
  2. Leadership and money mindset advice for immigrant households
  3. How to successfully lead a team through tough economic times.

Victor Peña

Victor Peña is the Founder and CEO of Omniprint International. He has built his company from the bottom up to a multimillion dollar revenue generator. He is passionate about helping other businesses grow and succeed through marketing, branding, and creative strategies. His experience and expertise to audiences of entrepreneurs, influencers, and those wanting to grow their business is always a valuable contribution!

Connect with Victor here:
Instagram: @victor_h_pena

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/victor-pena-ceo-omniprint/
Website: https://www.omniprintonline.com/

Connect with Paul here:

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