Developing Leaders Who Cultivate Pride and Purpose

Jill Stuber’s journey into leadership development in the food industry is a story of personal connection and purpose. Having spent years in the food industry herself, Jill and her partner recognized a significant need for transforming leadership styles and building better relationships within the industry. Their experience in food safety and quality highlighted the importance of soft skills in creating a culture of pride and purpose at work. Jill’s passion for this cause is evident as she shares her insights on the evolving needs of employees and the crucial shift towards a more holistic approach to leadership post-COVID. Her emphasis on the significance of understanding individual motivations and fostering a sense of belonging resonates deeply, setting the stage for a compelling narrative that aims to inspire and drive positive change within the food industry.


Topics covered in this Episode:

  • Learn how to elevate your leadership skills in the food industry to drive growth and success.
  • Uncover the keys to building strong and meaningful relationships as a leader in the food industry.
  • The secrets to creating a work culture filled with pride, purpose, and motivation.

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About Jill: 

Jill Stuber, the Vice-President & Co-Founder of Catalyst, LLC, has over 25 years of food safety and quality experience in food manufacturing. As an ICF Certified Coach with a BS and MS in Food Science and an MS in Quality Management, she engages individuals and teams to increase confidence, clarity, and build community so they can have the success they deserve as technical leaders in food.


Timestamped summary of this episode:

00:00:00 – Introduction and Purpose of Legacy Podcast
Paul Dio introduces the podcast and emphasizes the importance of leaving a legacy. He also highlights the significance of understanding values, beliefs, and intentions behind leaving a legacy.

00:00:37 – Catalyst’s Focus on Leadership Development
Jill Stewart explains Catalyst’s focus on transforming leadership in the food industry. She discusses the need for better soft skills and building relationships to effectively lead and take care of people.

00:03:07 – Evolution of Leadership Pre and Post-COVID
Jill discusses the evolution of leadership styles, emphasizing the shift towards employee well-being, life balance, and alignment with values, especially in the post-COVID era.

00:08:27 – Inspiring Team in Everyday Industries
Paul and Jill explore how to inspire and develop a culture of pride and purpose in mundane industries. They discuss the importance of connecting work to personal values and building relationships to make everyday tasks meaningful.

00:12:11 – Recognizing the Need for Leadership Improvement
Jill highlights the common symptoms and problems that indicate the need for leadership improvement, including burnout, stress, lack of engagement, and reluctance to set stretch goals. She emphasizes the importance of building self-awareness and continuously improving leadership skills.

00:15:24 – Balancing Passion and Play
Jill and Paul discuss the importance of balancing passion for work with other interests, and how the younger generation is embodying this balance in the workforce. They also touch on the idea of resentment towards the younger generation’s ability to prioritize work-life balance.

00:17:53 – Embracing Change for Future Generations
The conversation delves into reframing the mindset towards the younger generation’s work ethic and the importance of valuing their desire for meaningful work. They also discuss the evolution of work flexibility and the benefits it brings to future generations.

00:19:43 – Avoiding Absolutes and Embracing Vulnerability
Jill and Paul explore the tendency to go to absolutes when faced with challenging situations, and the importance of embracing vulnerability and having difficult conversations, rather than seeking the easy way out. They discuss the value of addressing underlying issues in the workplace.

00:21:28 – Building Confidence and Using Voice
The conversation highlights the significance of building confidence to ask for what is needed in the workplace without feeling ungrateful. They emphasize the impact of using one’s voice to address concerns and the positive outcomes that result from speaking up.

00:22:14 – Legacy of Making a Difference
Jill shares her perspective on legacy, emphasizing the impact of making a difference for even one person. She reflects on a personal success story from her leadership development program, illustrating the type of legacy she aspires to leave.

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