Dahan Enterprises – Ro Dahan

This week we interview #103: This week Paul talks to Ro Dahan of Dahan Enterprises. 

About Ro Dahan: 

Ro Dahan is an entrepreneur, specializing in business acquisition and real estate development in the Greater New Orleans area.

His business portfolio consists of the NEMT (non-emergency medical transportation) business, residential and commercial real estate, and the service industry, in which he has become a leading force.

Arriving in the United States at the age of 19, Ro came to this country from Israel with humbling beginnings and the goal of achieving the “American Dream”. He worked his way up the ladder of success through hard work, dedication, and ambition. Ro started in the service industry as a cab driver in the 1990’s and within a year established his own fleet and leased out the vehicles to generate passive income, starting his first business in the United States. During this time, Ro obtained his real estate license and began his first real estate development project in New Orleans that he completely flipped, sold in 3 months’ time, and tripled his investments.

Since then, he has steadily and gradually developed more properties, in the process transitioning into the residential rental, luxury condominium development, and retail space markets. Throughout the years, Ro grew his cab company to a 60-unit fleet. However, due to the changes in the cab industry in 2016, Ro acquired SPD LLC. (Secure Patient Delivery) an NEMT business. Within four years, Ro grew this business to be the leading and dominating force in the NEMT and the behavioral health transportation industries in Louisiana, with over 160 employees statewide. During the pandemic, Ro saw the opportunity to expand the NEMT and behavioral health businesses to South Florida. He is now in the process of expanding SPD nationwide, partnering with major brokers, insurance companies, hospitals, and MCOs.

As a religious Jew, Ro gains a substantial amount of his motivation and inspiration from ancient Jewish studies and mysticism and applies it to modern day business practices.

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