Courtney Green – Spark Consulting

This week we interview #75: Courtney Green, Founder and CEO of Spark about her many different career paths and what led her to what she does today.

About Courtney Green:

Courtney is a U.S. military veteran and holds a law degree with a concentration in conflict resolution, and is certified in mediation. Serving as a Medical Service Corps mental health professional in the Air Force and as a JAG Corps leader in the Army, She has also worked for Fortune 200 and Fortune 300 companies in leadership and advisor roles too.

Now, as the Founder and CEO of Spark, Courtney is a dynamic, inspirational speaker who helps other business leaders through executive coaching and life counseling. By providing a safe space to simply be, Courtney guides leaders through self-discovery where patterns unravel and pragmatic solutions emerge. After Courtney did doctoral work in Leadership Psychology where she focused on neuroscience and organizational development, she recognized the need for an integrative approach to coaching and counseling. Therefore her method addresses the whole leader to be in balance physically, emotionally, and mentally. From this centered place, they can recognize what no longer serves them or their organizations and courageously make the needed changes with calm confidence. The inner work produces extraordinary external results as they authentically align with their true self, allowing their highest potential to be expressed through their leadership and life creating success as they now define it.

Courtney believes that leading by example is essential and experiential learning is our greatest teacher. She does her own inner work so as to authentically show up and be in balance mentally and emotionally. She has her own coach and counselor in addition to her daily practices of meditation and journaling. To maintain physical balance, she actively engages in yoga, rock climbing, mountain biking, and skiing. As a way to connect with the community and up and coming leaders, she volunteers as the Ridgway High School Climbing Coach.

Life is simply an experiment to experience and learn from. With greater self-awareness, we can consciously create what we want to experience during this wild and precious lifetime.

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