Business Enterprise Institute – John Brown

This week we interview #89: John Brown, Founder of Business Enterprise Institute (BEI), who started working with business owners as an estate planning attorney in 1977.

About John Brown: 

While working to manage owner assets, he soon realized a common problem: No one was helping those owners exit their companies. Without planning, how would these owners convert their largest financial assets into cash and move successfully into their post-business lives? John created The BEI Seven Step Exit Planning Process™ which he successfully tested on hundreds of his own business-owner clients. In 1990, he wrote “How to Run Your Business So You Can Leave It in Style” and in 2008 wrote “Cash Out Move On: Get Top Dollar—and More—Selling Your Business.” With hundreds of thousands of copies sold, John is the No. 1 selling author on Exit Planning for business owners. In 2016, John released his newest book, “Exit Planning: The Definitive Guide”, which lays out the steps business owners must take to achieve all of their aspirations as they exit their businesses. John started BEI in 1996 for the express purpose of helping owners benefit from their lives’ work by supporting business advisors who share the same vision.


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