B.D. Erickson – Satic USA

This week we interview #71: B.D. Erickson of Satic USA about what may have set him on the path to be the founder of Satic. 

About B.D. Erickson:

B.D. Erickson II is a proven leader and team builder, successfully navigating an everchanging high-tech business climate. Having business and science degrees, combined with Anthony Robbins Mastery University and Leadership Academy, B.D. is well equipped to lead his team in the highly technical sector of clean, renewable energy.

Spanning two decades in high-pressure leadership roles, B.D. has been recognized multiple times for building winning teams, creating an outstanding corporate culture and having a massive impact on company wide growth. Currently running the country’s leading clean power manufacturing facility and Montana’s most proficient solar company. B.D. possess a proven track record of sustaining high-level team buy-in, not simply surviving but thriving in the high-pressure environment of advanced American technology manufacturing.

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