ASTRALABS – Andrew Ryan

This week we interview #85: Andrew Ryan, founder and CEO of ASTRALABS and Newchip. Andrew saw the need for entrepreneurs to find and get capital for their businesses. He founded an app connecting entrepreneurs to investors. And Newchip took off from there, helping companies raise millions of dollars.

About Andrew Ryan:

Andrew Ryan is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ASTRALABS, a startup venture studio based in Austin, Texas. It comprises the Newchip Accelerator, a leading global online startup accelerator and Journey Venture Partners.

Andrew founded ASTRALABS to bridge the gap between Silicon Valley mentorship and capital with startups from around the globe. Since its inception, ASTRALABS has worked with over 2,500 startups and helped them raise more than $650M in venture financing.

Prior to founding Astralabs, Andrew was a Missile Defense Engineer in the U.S. Army serving at the White Sands Missile Range and is an alumni of The University of Texas at Austin where he was appointed to serve on a number of local government roles, including Co-Director of the University of Texas City Relations Agency, a Director for University Area Partners, and a member of the Mayor’s Task Force for University of Texas City Relations Agency.

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