Adam Clark – Tangible Solutions

This week we interview (#22) Adam Clark, CEO of Tangible Solutions about manufacturing, working in your niche, focusing on your goals, and more.

About Adam Clark:

After an accomplished career with the US Army as a Green Beret, Adam Clark was an inside specialist covering market intelligence. Eventually, his path led to the medical industry and he became a founding member of Tangible Solutions, a contract manufacturer of 3D printed Titanium orthopedic implants.

Since 2013, Adam Clark has led the charge for the future of American manufacturing at Tangible. He focuses on the highest quality products for every customer and the related value creation, and is responsible for leading the general operations and resources of the company to deliver the highest quality 3D printed Titanium orthopedics around the world.

As an entrepreneur and mentor, Adam takes time to continually improve and create opportunities in the industry as well as pay forward to the many individuals that share his passions.

“I am absolutely blessed to live in a country that heavily values its ability to produce goods and services as well as we do, no matter the climate. Business is a journey and a dog-fight. You are constantly digging in for the next round. I love that.”

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